“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”. Yes, I totally agree with Bob Marley. The key to happiness and peaceful life lies in our minds. Your mind meets everything anew, only when it is free from the old and odds. And in that, there is joy and inner peace. Free yourself from your own mind and free your mind from the hatred, jealousy, over-thinking and sorrowful thoughts.

Our life is just like a game of bingo! It is not under our control. But what is under control is the way we handle our success and failure. You might just find success in certain things in life, like winning one line in a bingo. Or, you could attain total success, like when we win a full house. Or, you might just not win anything and fail in your life. This is where our mind comes into play. We have to restrict our mind from getting affected by the sorrowful failures. “Failure” is a very mysterious term. Not many realize that, when we “fail”, we never fail. Either we win, or we learn something from our failures. Keep your mind free and tell your mind that, managing failures is the biggest success one can achieve in life.

You are the controller of your mind. Keep it hassle – free, keep it in a positive environment and most importantly, keep it resilient and strong always. If your mind cannot defeat you, then nobody else can! Always remember to rest your mind, calm your heart and free your soul to achieve the happiness, peace and self satisfaction that you need. Only you, and nobody else can control your mind. You are the sole ruler of your mind!