Free Ways to Learn Meditation

Meditation has enjoyed several moments in the spotlight of mainstream media over the last few decades and is slowly catching on to be more of a common practice in the Western world than it ever has been.

Research in the field of psychology has repeatedly demonstrated meditation’s efficacy as a method for sharpening focus, improving mood as well as reducing stress and thereby decreasing the presence of stress-induced hormones such as cortisol, which is known to affect blood pressure and to be catabolic.

With some observers of meditation seeing it to be an almost panacea like practice, it is with good reason that many individuals are seeking free ways to learn this potentially life altering routine.

For anyone intending to learn easy, effective forms of meditation for free, we have distilled the 3 best methods that don’t cost a cent.

Mantra Meditation

Transcendental meditation (TM) is the most popular practice of mantra based meditations and is arguably one of the most widely practiced forms in general. Transcendental meditation is supposed to be learned under the guidance of an instructor costing $1,000.00, though the”beans have been spilled” about this very simple practice and there are many websites detailing how to do it.

While we do not encourage people to actively seek out stolen intellectual property by trying to specifically learn TM, the popularity of transcendental meditation forms a good argument for the simplicity and effectiveness of mantra based meditation.

There are ample how-to guides available via a quick Google search, and mantra meditation’s popularity can be seen by just how many resources are available on the subject. There’s even a “How to Perform Mantra Meditation” article on


It is said that if there is a subject that can be learnt, there will be lessons available on YouTube for the subject. This certainly proves true for meditation as a general practice, and there is sufficient instruction available for all of the popular sub-types.

A large amount of the available videos are one-off sets of instruction, and just as many form series of short films so that you can continue to learn and hone your skills as you progress.


While Deepak Chopra may be a somewhat divisive personality in the medical and literature field, the guides available on his website are succinct, easy to understand and well put-together.

A quick visit to will show links to many different articles covering the topic with descriptions of several varying types of meditation.

This is a fantastic resource for learning meditation, embracing the scientifically backed method for stress relief, focus, mindset and general physiological well-being.

With so much high quality information available to those who are seeking to start learning, or to further their experience with meditation, there has possibly never been a better time to learn meditation for free.