Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to feel an increased sense of isolation. Even people who tend to enjoy being on their own have experienced a sense of disenfranchisement insofar as spending time alone isn’t always an elected activity anymore. Moreover, many people may feel that it seems harder to find ways to spend their time in a manner that feels gratifying or rewarding. However, there are several things that you can do while socially distancing that can offer both connection and fulfillment.

Volunteer Virtually

When so many people are experiencing hardships during quarantine, everyone wants to find a way that they can make a difference while also staying safe. Everyone wants to be able to give, but making financial donations simply isn’t feasible for many people right now. Consider pursuing an opportunity to volunteer virtually so you can donate your time and skills to supporting a cause that you care about. You can help with COVID relief efforts, social justice movements, political campaigns, animal welfare, or anything that you’re passionate about. You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who will appreciate your support.

Learn About Something Exciting

When you’re spending more time at home, it’s a good setting to invest yourself in a new course of study. Ignite your intellectual curiosity and learn more about subjects that you’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time or focus to take on. Get oriented to trading and investing, learn about world history and politics, or explore scientific advancements in biology and metaphysics. There’s a whole world of amazing things to learn about that can refuel the excitement of newness and possibility that quarantine may have left you lacking. You can gain new knowledge and awareness while connecting with people who share your interests.

Study a New Language

Consider learning a new language such as Spanish or Portuguese. Becoming proficient or fluent in a new language can help you learn about a new culture and perhaps even expand your career opportunities. You can look forward to traveling to new places and putting your skills into practice after you’ve had a year or so to refine them. You can interact with people who are also learning by joining online discussion groups that will enable you to develop your conversational fluency.

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to be cut off. Stay engaged in what you care about it and what interests you to maintain a positive outlook and feel connected.