There are many health problems that can occur with age, but one of the most common complaints is skin deterioration. Almost everyone suffers from wrinkles, laugh lines, sun spots or other skin ailments with the passage of time. If you are among the many people suffering from such problems, you will be glad to know there are many possible solutions you can explore. The trick is in selecting the solution that will work best for you while also fitting in with your schedule, budget and other concerns. Here is information about some of your top skin revitalization options.

Surgical Correction for Severe Skin Problems

Obviously, surgery is a major method of skincare. You have probably heard a lot about face lifts, tummy tucks and other similar procedures. There is something to be said for such procedures, which can drastically change your appearance for the better in a short amount of time. However, surgery is expensive. It also requires a lot of preparation and comes with such possible complications as anesthesia and lengthy recovery. It is most often used to correct severe skin sagging. If you are looking for skin treatments when your skin issues first begin, you have many other simpler treatment options.

Lasers to Help You Get Rid of Skin Problems

Lasers are among the top treatments for skin problems offered by skincare clinics. They can treat a wide range of mild to moderate skin problems. In fact, clinicians have successfully used medical-lasers for skincare for many years. Some lasers are used for topical treatments. Known as ablative lasers, they often perform peel procedures, getting rid of surface imperfections. Such lasers are fairly strong, so you can expect some redness and irritation directly after the procedures. Your skin may also be more prone to infection for a short time after treatment, which is why you have to follow the aftercare instructions of your clinician carefully when you have such a treatment.

Lasers can also be used to revitalize your skin by treating deeper tissues. Your skin has many layers. Non-ablative laser treatments are designed to target cells in deeper layers and stir them up to a degree. By using light and heat to treat those cells, they can cause collagen molecules to move closer together. Collagen helps to draw skin cells together. Such laser treatments can also encourage increased production of additional collagen by your body. By doing so, your skin can become stronger and more resistant to future damage.

Having Skin Treatments That Don’t Involve Lasers

Laser treatment may not be right for you. The heat produced by the lasers can interact badly with your skin if it is too oily. Some lasers are also not designed to treat certain skin shades. If you have any concerns about laser procedures, you may wish to explore other options. One such option is a chemical peel. Another is microdermabrasion. Either may be a suitable substitute for a laser peel procedure, since they are equally good at revitalizing the surface of the skin.

If you are more interested in treatment for deeper skin cells, sound wave treatments are good alternatives to laser therapy. One such treatment is a radio frequency (RF) procedure. Another is an ultrasound treatment. Both can heighten collagen production and distribution, strengthening bonds between skin cells. Typically, ultrasound therapy is the stronger of the two and thus may require fewer sessions than RF therapy before you will see results. However, both may need to be repeated multiple times.