As different forms of cosmetic surgery become popular nowadays, there are demands from people who feel the need of making their lips look perfect.

Lip filling, or lip augmentation, is a form of non-surgical procedure that enlarges the fullness of lips by using Collagen or Hyaluronic acid in most of the situations. There are two kinds of hyaluronic acid as well. Juvederm volbella is suitable for subtle lips, while juvederm volift aims at natural enhancement which makes lips look more noticeable after the injection.

Type of fillers

It is a common practice to inject a certain amount of Collagen into the target’s lips in order to increase the size and volume of her lips. A dental block could be used to avoid any painful feelings of the patients, but numbing gel can cause a certain degree of discomfort.

Another way is to plump Hyaluronic acid and trap water into her lips to make them appear to be natural. The acid is a natural moisturizer that can be found in skin and connective tissue. It can attract 100 times its weight in water. But it is suggested to consult professional service providers such as Keppel Dentistry to get the best lip fillers regarding the materials used.

Results of injection

The amount of filler needed to get rid of the shape of lips may vary. The results are not always instant. After the injection procedure, the lips will appear to be swollen. It is suggested to ice the lips and prevent bruising by taking arnica tablets.

The results will appear after a day of injection and lips fillers should be felt the same as natural lips if it was done properly. But for people with thin lips, more sessions are needed to achieve a full yet natural shape of lips.

There are specific areas which can be treated:

  • The lighter outline around the lip, or the vermilion border. Fillers can rejuvenate faded and indistinct vermilion border as people start to age;
  • The volume of the body of the lips. Aging also causes the volume loss and the fillers can enhance the volume in this area;
  • The fine lines at the side of the mouth. They become distinctive when aging, and these lines will make people look like they are tired or sad;
  • The lines that extend from mouth to chin. These Marionettes can leave a resting sad face when aging. The injection of fillers around the mouth can fill these lines.

Duration of results

But the effects will not last forever. Usually another session is needed after 6-9 months to keep the same desired size. Considering that each ml of lip fillers can cost from 250GBP up to 500GBP, several sessions of injection can be costly, not mentioning there is a slight chance getting allergic reaction with the use of collagen skin treatments.

The good news is, though, that the chance of causing allergy by using hyaluronic acid fillers is not as likely as Collagen does. But other side effects such as tenderness and itching are also possible after the injection.

Currently, Keppel Dentistry offers one of the most comprehensive services in the UK to ensure lip fillers are used properly to minimize the side effects of the injection process.