There are a number of little things you can do each day or each month that will help you improve your health. As you age, it gets more and more important to protect yourself from various problems that come along with aging. These small things will only take a few minutes of your time, but can help you develop habits that will protect yourself health and ensure that you are better able to handle anything that life throws at you.

1. Change Your Contacts Regularly

Whether you are using dailies, weeklies, or monthlies, your contacts need to be changed on a regular basis. Even hard lenses that are meant to be used for longer periods of time need to be taken out, cleaned, and left out to let your eyes rest. Doing this can help prevent infections, protect against the worst types of eye fatigue, and ensure that your eyes stay healthy for years to come.

2. Take Up Swimming

In terms of exercise, nothing is as good for your body as swimming. It is both low impact and easy to do, while raising up your heart rate and burning calories. 15 minutes a day a few times a week is enough to ensure that you reap the continued health benefits for years to come. If you can’t swim, water based aerobics or even aqua jogging will also give you the low impact health boost you are looking for.

3. Try To Get More Sleep

Everyone knows that they should sleep more, but finding the time to sleep can be more complicated than people think. One great way to get a bit more sleep is to try and take a nap when you get home from work, adding an extra 30 minutes or more to your daily sleep time. Another way to get more sleep is to remove the television and all other screens from your room, helping you to fall asleep faster. Finally, you can try and go to sleep an extra 5 minutes early each night, setting an alarm 30 minutes before your bed time to ensure you make it to bed on time. You may also incorporate an eye cream for dark circles for a fresher feeling upon waking up the next day.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is incredibly important for human life and staying hydrated helps your whole body. Your eyes, your internal organs, even your skin, they all rely upon water to function correctly. Try and drink a few bottles of water each day and cut back on the amount of salt you eat. You can also use eye drops to ensure that your eyes stay hydrated throughout the day.

5. Walk Whenever Possible

Finally, adding in walking, such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, can help you stay healthy. Even an extra five minutes of exercise each day is enough to ensure that you get benefits such as lower blood pressure, improved metabolism, and reduced risk of blood clot.

Overall, just a few minutes a day can be all that you need to ensure your health for years to come. Choose one thing off of this list to start with, and you should see a difference within just a few days.