Riding a motorcycle can be a white-knuckle ride for some dare-devils who love the pure thrill and risk of flying on the bike – a ride that give them a fizz of happiness from the adrenaline rush. To some, riding a motorcycle is primarily to bring them from one place to another, to save fuel and toll costs over owning a car, ease of parking, among other reasons.

While you’ll get to save some money owning a bike over other vehicles, your bike needs proper care so that it lasts a long time and can always perform up to your expectations.  A bike that’s in great condition is also a safer bike for all your rides. So there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t spend a small amount of money every month pampering your bike for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Always refer to your motorcycle manual for regular servicing information. Here are five handy tips on how to properly maintain your bike:

1.  Check and Replace Engine Oil Regularly

As the engine oil is the lifeblood of your bike’s engine, important steps must be taken to ensure that your bike’s engine oil is checked and replaced regularly.  Using the correct type of engine oil will prolong the life of your engine, thus giving you a smoother ride. If your bike is used every day, or if you travel great distances on a regular basis, you will need to change your oil more frequently, regardless if you’re using mineral, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic oil.

2.  Check and Lube the Chain Regularly 

As the drive chain transfers the power from your engine to the rear wheel, it has to be regularly lubed after each ride while it’s still warm to enable the oil to penetrate all parts of the chain. Also, do have a check on the chain tension as the right tension prolongs the life of your bike.

3.  Tires

Always keep the correct amount of air pressure on your bike’s tires and check for any signs of wear and tear. With the right air pressure, your bike will last longer and give you a smoother ride.

4. Battery

A new battery may cost you a fortune. To extend the life of your battery, keep it charged to 100% when not in use by using a trickle charger. Do ensure that the top of the batter is clan and if the electrolyte level is getting low, add distilled or deionized water.

5.  Air filter

A dirty air filter can make your engine work harder.  By cleaning the bike’s air filter regularly with compressed air, your bike will give you more power in your rides.

6.  Moving Your Bike To Another Destination

If you are planning a move across the country and intend to bring your bike with you, it would be a great decision to let the professional motorcycle movers transport your bike safely.  Shiply is a great online platform to shop for motorcycle shipping companies.  After you’ve keyed in some simple details of your bike and the move, you’ll receive free quotes from these companies.  It is best to choose a company with positive reviews from previous customers to carry out the task of moving your motorbike safely to the new destination.

We hope this article helps you maintain your motorcycle in tip top condition, so you can continue to enjoy the open road safely.