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COVID-19 burst onto the scene and into our lives almost a year ago. The first concern of the virus sparked interest in January 2020. Fast-forward and we’re well into 10 months of the “new normal”. 

When it comes to fighting Coronavirus, what’re your options to stay and get healthy? One of the natural ways to help you overcome sickness and boost your recovery time is by consuming foods with bioactive compounds. 

With food safety at an all-time high, staying in and preparing your meals/groceries is important to limit the spread of the virus. This is especially true considering the number of contact points you might come across in a restaurant or bar. 

Bioactive ingredients might be a foreign concept to most individuals. We’re going to cover what these compounds are and how they will help you fight COVID-19. 

What Are the Bioactive Compounds?

 Bioactive compounds are present in small quantities of food. It could be fruits, vegetables, dairy products, or whole grains. 

You might notice that all these foods are considered healthy foods. You’d be right, however, there are plenty of health benefits beyond the nutritional value of the foods themselves.

Bioactive compounds present the possibility of therapeutic benefits influencing energy intake, reducing pro-inflammatory states, and the management of other disorders. 

Stock the Kitchen

Before you experience COVID-19 symptoms, you need to properly stock your kitchen full of bioactive compounds. 

Fresh foods like citrus fruits, hardy vegetables, and healthy dairy products are all important to grab. These healthy dairy options include foods like milk, yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese. Foods with dairy-based bioactive ingredients will help you battle the symptoms of Coronavirus. 

You might already have an idea of the staples of a healthy diet.

It doesn’t have to be fresh food either. Pantry foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, or frozen food like frozen veggies, fruits, and meals are all acceptable items.

Boosting Immunity

Bioactive compounds work. They work to provide immunity with COVID-19 because they’re staples for other viruses as well. All of these foods have different nutrients that help. Here are a few that you’re familiar with.

Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system by developing and repairing body tissues. In some cases, it can even assist in limited respiratory tract infections.

Vitamin A, D, and E, all work together to boost immunology function and lower general susceptibility to Coronavirus and other viruses. 

Bioactive liquids, or arachnid oil acid and unsaturated fatty acids provide a solid recovery outline from COVID-19. Herbs and other flavonoids have long been examined for their work with other viruses around the world. 

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

Valuing the food you eat can directly impact your everyday health. Bioactive compounds are only one of the ways you can combat viruses and common colds. 

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