Stop smoking

For long term users of cigarettes, the power of the urge to smoke a cigarette is sometimes overwhelming.  These urges usually last between 5 to 10 minutes, but those minutes must feel like an eternity.  The waiting around and the constant thinking can sometime cause even more additional pressure.  For such cravings, here are four ways in which you could use to help you resist those urges.

The first is to use what is known as nicotine replacement therapy.  There are quite a few therapies out there including prescription nicotine that is in the form of an inhaler or spray for your nostrils.  Others include nicotine patches, lozenges, or gums.  There are also the electronic cigarettes that have gained a bunch of momentum recently as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.  For many, they need to have a substitute for the nicotine as well as the flavor of the cigarette.  There are a bunch of juices out there like chill’d tobacco cosmic fog which helps mimic the tastes of a cigarette but also doesn’t include a lot of the excess tar and carcinogens that you don’t want that are in cigarettes.

The second way that people use to quell the urge to smoke is utilize a something for the mouth.  After years and years of smoking, there is a necessity for the smoker to have something in their mouth.  It is a comfort zone so to speak.  By placing something in the mouth at the time of the craving, the smoker may be able to wean themselves off the cancer sticks.  The stick off the end of a lollipop is one popular tool to help combat urges.  Not only do you get a nice sweet treat in the lollipop, but the stick serves as a placeholder for the cigarette.  Other examples that have been used are raw carrots, celery which emulate the cigarette or hard candy and sunflower seeds that help curb the craving.

Physical activity is another way that you can distract yourself from the cravings of tobacco and even help decrease the intensity of the cravings.  The smallest burst of physical activity can keep your mind off of cigs, so if it is just a quick sprint or stair climbs in the office, that will be very helpful in the reduction of cravings.  You can also do stuff in a sedentary position.  If you are cooped up in the house, you can do some push ups, run in place, sit ups, or even some jump squats.  Those are good In keeping the heart rate up and the cravings away.

Lastly, you can use some relaxation techniques to deal with the stresses in life instead of grabbing a cigarette.  Everyone has stresses in life including family and money, but taking a deep breath will go a long way.  In fact, you can try yoga or visualization techniques to keep your mind free and off cigarettes.  Listening to some nice soothing and calming music as well as getting a massage would be great ways think less about smoking.