Although, there are many diseases which humans have to face but there are a few habits that also come in the category of a sort of disease. Smoking is also not less than a disease; it kills people from inside. Thanks to technology and advancement that has introduced several medications and drug. These medications can help a chain smoker in quitting smoking, if they are used properly and on time. It’s important that before taking any medication you should consult a reputed pharmacist or your doctor.

It is a fact that most of the people don’t take their “stop smoking medication” as told by their physician and thus, the positive effects of the treatment are not received completely. Quit smoking medication is one of the most beneficial and proven treatments for those who want to stop smoking, as soon as possible. During the present times, there are many stop smoking drugs which have come across in the markets; some of the best brand medications are Bupropion hydrochloride, Nicotons, Vernacilin and other non-nicotin medicines. These are generally in the form of tablets. Nowadays, Nicotin is the best prescription given by the doctor or pharmacist. The brand is also commercially advertised to encourage people who are willing to quit smoking but need some kind of help or support.

Here are a few medications that have helped people in quitting smoking. The examples include –

Bupropion – It is a medicine which decreases depression, and blocks the flow of chemicals in the brain that makes you smoke. Before using this medicine, daily you must first talk to your doctor and ask about the benefits and side effects of the drug. This type of medication is taken for two to three months. The medication slowly shows its results.

Lexapro – It is also used for depression and anxiety, they are helpful in reducing the balance of serotine in the brain. It brings the feeling of well-being and makes the person energetic. Suddenly stopping this drug can cause symptoms like headache, mood changes, sleep disorder, etc.

Hence, these are some commonly used drugs and medications that can encourage smokers to quit. Some other drugs such as Nicotin which comes in the form of tablets, nicotin gums, patch, spray you can take them as your physician, suggests. Nicotin gums can stop smoking for 20 years as they are powerful medication which reduces the flow of chemicals in the brain. Each of the medicine can show their positive results differently but you need to take them as advised by your doctor.