Would you consider yourself someone who is a little too carefree when they’re behind the wheel? If you said yes, you can put you and others in danger in a moment’s notice.

With that in mind, it is important that you do everything possible to be a safe and respectful driver each time out.

Yes, going a few miles above the speed limit on occasion is not the end of the world. That said going way over, driving in a reckless manner, and being a distracted driver can all add up to problems.

So, are your driving habits endangering your health?

Be Pro-Active with Your Driving Needs

In doing all you can to be a smart and safe driver, start by assessing your level of responsibility.

Do you have a tendency to abuse the speed limit, tailgate others or weave in and out of traffic on a regular basis? If so, how long until you get into an accident?

Do your best to obey the rules of the road each time you are behind the wheel. Not only does this protect you, but the many other drivers and passengers sharing the road with you.

In the event your driving has been less than stellar, did you end up with one or more traffic tickets on your record? If you did, were you in a position to settle them right away?

Some people through a slip of the memory or on purpose end up not paying those tickets in a speedy manner. As such, they could end up looking over their shoulder for police to stop them. When this happens, the attention is not on the road and can lead to an increased chance of an accident.

One way you can go about finding out if you have an outstanding ticket or two is using the Internet.

There are sites that allow you to do some digging and see in fact if you have an outstanding ticket. If you discover you do have this problem, get that ticket taken care of as soon as possible.

Last, be aware of what other drivers are up to on the road.

While your first responsibility is making sure you drive safe, you do not want to ignore others and what they do.

In the event you come across someone driving in a reckless manner, do your best to avoid them. If at all possible, get their license plate and make/model of vehicle and report them.

How Safe is Your Vehicle?

As important as your driving habits are, never overlook having a dependable vehicle.

If you drive a vehicle that has issues with tires, brakes, lights and more, you can be an accident waiting to happen.

Make sure you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks. This will lower the chances of your car or truck leading you into an accident.

When you get to the point where your vehicle is not safe for the roads, take action.

Although you may be tight on money, there will come a time when you need to get a newer vehicle. This is for your safety and the well-being of many others sharing the road with you.

In trying to improve your health, be sure what you do on the roads is not taking a shortcut to a long and prosperous life.