Your Guide to the Different Types of Kratom Strains (And What They Do)

It’s estimated that there are more than ten million kratom users in the United States. Even though kratom has been used for hundreds of years, it seems that only recently people in the West are using it it. 

If you’re interested in trying kratom, it’s important to know that there isn’t just one kind of kratom strain. By knowing about the different types of kratom strains, you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

So if you’d like to learn more then keep on reading and we’ll take you through the different strains of kratom out there 

White Vein Kratom 

White vein kratom is extremely popular among users. If you want to start your day off on a positive and energetic note then this is the strain for you. White vein kratom contains large amounts of mitragynine, which boosts energy and enhances mood. 

White vein kratom is called that because the leaves of the kratom plant are still white. This is similar to white tea because it is harvested before it is allowed to fully mature. 

If you are someone who deals with anxiety, body pain, or stress, then white vein kratom is probably for you.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is kind of the opposite of white vein kratom. It has more calming and soothing elements. If you are looking to relax at the end of the day then you would probably want to try this strain.

This type of kratom comes from the most mature trees and has high hydroxy mitragynine content. These leaves are processed with a lot of sunlight or a powerful UV lamp while they are drying.

They also might be fermented during the processing to make bentuangie kratom.

This is a tame kratom strain and isn’t viewed as a stimulant. If you’re new to kratom then red vein kratom is probably your best bet.

You’ll likely experience mild sedative effects which can help calm you down if you’re feeling anxious.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is in between the other two main strains of kratom. It comes with the stimulating effects of white kratom but it’s harvested at a more mature stage. 

The leaves of green vein kratom are usually dried first inside. This usually takes place in an air-conditioned room. To finalize the drying process the green kratom is taken outside. 

Green vein kratom is stimulating but not as much as white vein kratom. You’ll get a bit of an energy boost as well as mental clarity and greater endurance.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom is a kind of kratom that was first grown in Thailand. Today, it’s grown in various regions throughout the world.

Maeng Da is carefully selected to be of particularly strong potency and high quality. Its varieties might be marketed and classified as both white and red kratom. This is because it has properties that are a mix of the two kratom strains.

It might give you a boost of energy and some mental clarity as well. 

Bentuangie Kratom

Bentuangie kratom is pretty new to the world of kratom. But it’s been able to gain a bit of a cult following among users of kratom. This kratom is made in a different way than other kinds of kratom.

This kind of kratom isn’t made with dried leaves. Instead, the raw leaves are put into a bag so that the moisture is trapped. This results in fragmented and fermented leaves.

The aroma helps to relax the user and the leaves are great for helping with body pains. 

There are some other benefits associated with this kind of kratom too. It can enhance your mood, sleep quality, and relieve stress. It is also said to last longer than other kinds of kratom. 

Yellow Vein Kratom

Similar to the three main types of kratom, yellow vein kratom gets its name from its color. Although it doesn’t get its name from a specific leaf.

Yellow vein kratom is actually what you get when you mix two strains together. For example, you could mix green and red vein kratom or something like green and white kratom.

Yellow kratom is not as popular as other strains of kratom but it can still be very effective. If you’re feeling lethargic or fatigued, then yellow kratom can help with those feelings while providing you with a boost of energy.

This strain also lasts for a long time. Kratom users will usually compare it to drinking a strong cup of coffee. Of course, when you buy yellow kratom, you want to make sure that you’re getting it from a trusted source. 

With that said, any strain you get should come from a reliable vendor. And if you aren’t sure which strain is still going to be best for you then you should consider getting a kratom sample pack.

The Importance of Knowing the Different Types of Kratom Strains 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand the importance of knowing the different types of kratom strains. As we can see, there are a wide variety of strains out there. By knowing what you want to get out of your kratom experience, you’ll have an easier time making the right purchasing decision.

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