Injuries resulting from accidents can be unavoidable. However, no matter how unlucky you can get, there’s no reason why you should let the wounds impede your movements and how you go about in your daily life. You can always speed up the healing of your injuries so that you can bounce back whenever you can.

Most doctors may recommend prescription drugs to get relief from pain. However, these medications may only work temporarily. To get long-term solutions to your injuries, you need proper treatments, and you can consider Burnaby physiotherapy for this. This kind of therapy will help your muscles and bones go back to their previous forms. Other reasons why you should go to the best physiotherapist in town are written below.

Reasons to Consult a Physiotherapist

People with Sports Injuries

Athletes from different sports like football, basketball, boxing, and many others can get injuries that can threaten their careers. When they try physiotherapy after getting a major injury, the process will help relax the muscles and bones. This will allow them to heal faster, and the wounded can achieve the mobility that they aim for.


Many women notice that their postures have dramatically changed for weeks because of the baby in their womb. In addition to this change, the hormones can play havoc on the muscles, bones, and the lower back, which makes standing and sitting a painful move. For pain relief, physiotherapy may be the best choice for expecting moms. This way, they don’t need to take any medications that may adversely affect the unborn baby.

Weight Loss and Management

There are a lot of people wanting to lose weight. Some of them have insecurities, and they may fight against those issues. When you do exercise and physiotherapy together, the muscles can work and relax simultaneously, which can burn more calories than just running on treadmills. 

The process can also improve one’s overall digestion, and the food can be assimilated better. Learn more about the role of physiotherapy in weight loss on this site here. This is a good way of avoiding the food to be stored as fats.

Help in Chronic Pain

Pain can be anywhere, and it ranges from mild to severe. Many painful episodes were unaccounted for, and many have no idea where the sudden twinge on their shoulders came from. Others may blame pain from arthritis due to old age and other factors out there. Instead of getting painkillers, the best way is to get therapy where the exercises involved will provide long-term relief and solve the problems once and for all.

Cure for Sleep Apnea

Many have trouble breathing, and some excessively snore. When these issues continue, this can result in sleep apnea that can lead to many health issues later on in life. The treatments in physiotherapy can widen the channels of the airways, and the body will relax better. This is the same reason why many people with asthma get these treatments as well.

Different Types of Physiotherapy

Back, Pain, Spine, Injury, Backache, Sciatica

Physiotherapy treatments are effective for a variety of health conditions. They speed up the recovery process, and they lessen the time of healing for surgeries. You may want to know what your physiotherapist’s specialty is as they can be dealing in a lot of areas like children’s health, sports medicine, and women’s wellbeing. Their three common areas of practice are the following:


This is the treatment of many disorders that were related to the nervous system. Some of them may include spinal cord injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and acquired brain wounds. There’s also a needed rehabilitation following the surgery, and physiotherapy can help with this.


This involves treating conditions like back pain, sprains, posture problems, incontinence, arthritis, and many more. Read more about other conditions here: Your therapist can help you increase your mobility and help you to recover faster. There’s also rehabilitation that is included after surgery in these categories.


This is used for treating chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma, and other cardiorespiratory disorders. Patients with medical conditions can get aid with chest physiotherapy, and some of them were tailored according to each individual’s needs. These kinds of treatments will reduce the need for a hospital stay, and it can even help save one’s life.