According to the World Health Organization, an addiction it is dependence or needs on a substance, activity, or relationship due to the satisfaction it causes you. Unlike habits, addictions are dependencies that have consequences for the addict, negatively affecting his or her personal and social life, as well as their health.

Who is an addicted person?

An addict is a person cannot live without a certain influence of a specific substance, activity or behavior that causes him or her to be in a “pleasant” euphoric state. This generates a particular chemistry, and becomes addicted to this vicious circle, and therefore consumes it, lives it or carries it out in a permanent and compulsive manner. The addict does not control his addiction, but lives according to it, if he tries to get out of this routine suddenly, the anxiety he experiences is such that he falls back into the consumption of his addiction. Places such as addiction recovery center Nashville are great for addicts to recover and regain back their health.

Why are drugs dangerous?

According to the World Health Organization, drugs are substances that modify the functioning of the body when administered by any route. Products and elements such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are harmful. Their immoderate consumption or addiction destroys the body, mind, and self-control of the human being, and produces diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis, and other diseases, often culminating in death.

To this must be added the despair, anguish, and helplessness of the relatives and close environment of the people who are victims of such addictions. As a result of the surveys conducted by the Ministry of Health on addictions, we can speak of the two most common.

The alcoholism that shows that 49.9% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have tried alcohol, the prevalence figure is 30% and regarding dependence on these drinks is 4.1% where 6.2% are men and 2% are women.

As for smokers, most of them start this terrible habit in adolescence between the ages of 12 and 14, consuming 4.1 cigarettes a day. Cigarettes have mistakenly become a symbol of maturity or support for controlling shyness or clumsiness in various social situations.

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What are Addictions?

Previously it was believed that addiction was a disease like DM because it was a choice of behaviour; but now it is known that the brain is sick, that the part of the brain related to pleasure is distorted and that the less evolved middle part, as well as the frontal lobe where decisions and judgments are made, are altered.

Thus, addiction is a compulsive and excessive activity; the body’s need for external stimulation: There are addictions to chemical and vegetable substances, as well as to activities and even to certain interpersonal relationships, most substances produce psychological and physical dependence.

Addictions are or may become mental illnesses, because addicts’ anxiety about using a drug or engaging in pleasurable activities is uncontrollable and, over time, leads to psychological disturbance and imbalance.

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