What Are the Common Types of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the most successful treatment for tooth loss. You might be weighing the options for dental implants. you might have heard about different types of dental implants, and you don’t know what to expect.

You should know as much as possible about dental implants. And associated dental procedures before deciding to undergo the treatment.

Find out the most common types of best dental implants with North Cardiff Dental & Implant clinic, what they mean for your oral health, and how implants work to replace missing teeth.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are most often used. This provides a strong, secure base for single or many teeth replacements. This is as well as dental bridges and dentures.

Endosteal implants consist of a titanium screw implanted into the jawbone. This dental implant does not need extensive modifications to adjacent teeth.

After inserting the implant a post gets affixed to the screw. A false tooth gets placed on top. Due to their usability and reliability, o replaces many missing teeth. 

This is a way to improve the support and aesthetics of existing dentures well as create a more secure fit.

Endosteal implants come with short and long-term risks. These are such as infections and nerve damage. They remain one of the most popular and trusted dental implant options globally.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants are one of the common types of dental implants. These are a type of prosthetic devices that get implanted to replace missing teeth.

The implant consists of a metal frame that is custom-made to the shape of the mouth. It gets placed underneath the gum line.

The posts of the frame protrude through the gum and act as an anchor for the abutment. It is then attached to the artificial tooth replacement.

This type of implant is for someone who has minimal bone tissue. The metal frame gets secured to the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants provide excellent stability. It also provides comfort, and the ability to eat and speak the normal way.

All-On Implants

This type of implant consists of a metal post that is surgically inserted into the jaw and serves as an anchor for a prosthetic tooth. All-On Implants are a type of root-form implant that is made of titanium.

This is a biocompatible metal that is perfectly suited to integrate with the surrounding bone and connective tissues. They feature a laser-etched external surface made to promote bone regeneration and tissue healing.

All-On Implants are also a single piece, meaning that no additional components are required apart from the dental prosthetic to complete the implant restoration.

Advanced smiles make them a cost-effective option for patients, as well as a simple and quick placement procedure for dental professionals.

Learn the Common Types of Dental Implants Today

Dental implants are perhaps the most reliable way to replace missing teeth and restore a healthy smile. Through a combination of dental implants and customized dental crowns, patients will experience a renewed level of confidence in their smiles.

It is important to discuss your particular circumstances with an experienced dental professional to ensure the best outcome for your situation. So, what are you waiting for? Contact your local dentist today to learn more about the different types of dental implants.

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