Cycling Training

Choosing the right coach requires both time and money. Be sure to find a coach who understands your goals and has a track record of success working with other athletes like yourself.

Personalized Training

The most obvious benefit of hiring a personal and online cycling coach is that they provide you with a personalized training plan. Whether for a major cycling event, attacking your local crit series, or improving your fitness, a good coach will work with you to identify and implement small goals over time to help you reach your ultimate goal.

Unlike apps or programs, an online coach can also observe your cycling technique and see how you are progressing with the workouts they prescribe. Often this is the main difference between a coach and other software, but it isn’t always enough to ensure a successful coaching relationship.

When selecting an online coach, checking their qualifications and track record of working with other riders is important. Look for coaches that not only hold recognized certifications but also demonstrate their understanding of foundational zone training, effective escalation of training load, and an ability to understand your motivations and goals.


Cycling is a very demanding sport, and it takes a lot of time to maximize your potential. Often, your coach will provide you with a training plan specific to your schedule and needs. A well-designed program will help you feel motivated and encouraged to stay on track, even when difficult.

If you are still determining if cycling coaching is worth it, ask your prospective coaches about their qualifications and training experience. Make sure that they can offer you testimonials or references from past clients.

Additionally, it may be a good idea to tell someone else about your planned training sessions. This makes you more accountable, and it is more difficult to back out when the weather is bad or your head isn’t in it. It’s also a great way to keep your coach updated on how you feel about the training; their feedback can be invaluable. This will encourage you to get out there and train, even if you don’t like it.


Online cycling coaching allows athletes to maintain contact with their coaches without traveling. Coaches are typically experts in some areas beyond training programs. They can help with bike fits, nutrition and hydration strategies, and physiological testing.

Choosing the right coach is crucial. Ensure you find someone with the right qualifications, experience as a cyclist, and coaching skills.

Qualifications are a minimum standard and important to ensuring a coach meets the appropriate standards. Still, it is vital that a coach understands each athlete individually and can tailor their approach to the individual.

A good coach will ensure every planned session has a what and why. This helps athletes better understand their workouts and why they do them. This is especially important in a sport like cycling, which can be incredibly social but isolating, even during the same ride.


Joining a Road Biking Membership can be an efficient way to get structured, personalized training. However, it is important to check that you are happy with the coach and that they understand your needs well. Ensure they have the appropriate qualifications, but more importantly, ask for a track record of successful cycling coaching.

It is also important to consider your commitments. If you need help to balance your cycling goals with work or family life, online coaching may be better for you.

Learning from self-study, observation, and experience alone is possible, but engaging a coach can help accelerate your progress.