Tips to Help You Safely Explore Mountains in a Jeep

Whether you’re an experienced Jeeping vet or just getting started, mountain roads can definitely throw some surprises your way. But don’t stress – with the right know-how and gear, you’ll be cruising cliffs and conquering canyons in no time. Read on for some of the best tips to keep you safe out there!

Prepare for Anything

Mountain roads are remote, so you must pack enough tools and supplies to handle minor issues yourself. Always bring ropes, a portable air compressor, a first aid kit, blankets, water, and snacks. It’s also smart to study your owner’s manual – know how to use 4WD and what to do if things go wrong. Being prepared will save you stress if Murphy’s Law kicks in. The tough terrain can be tough on tires, too, so check the pressure and tread before heading out. Under-inflated rubber is a rollover risk. And bring a spare – there’s nothing worse than getting stranded!

Master 4WD Techniques

Feel confident controlling your rig with 4-wheel drive. Practice engaging low and high ranges on easier trails first so you’re comfortable shifting on the fly. You’ll need to choose the right setting for conditions like steep grades, sand, or mud. Pay attention to terrain and use 4WD only when needed to avoid damage.

Scale Obstacles Safely

When you hit rough sections, get out and visually inspect the line. Walk the path to spot hazards bikes might miss, like deep ruts, loose rocks or drop-offs. This lets you confidently pick the best route up or through. Bringing a buddy is also smart – they can guide you past trouble spots from outside the Jeep.

Respect Your Limits

Mother Nature played her part perfectly on mountain trails. But it’s easy to get overconfident – don’t try maneuvers beyond your abilities. If something looks challenging, that’s a sign to backtrack and find an alternate path. There’s no shame in turning around, as rolling your rig is no fun!

Tread Lightly Wherever You Roam

Public lands are for everyone’s enjoyment. Do your part by staying on designated routes, packing out all trash, and avoiding sensitive areas marked off-limits. Closing gates behind you and leaving no trace ensures these spaces stay spectacular for all to explore for years to come.

Go prepared, learn your rig, scout challenges in safety, and always respect your limits and the environment. Follow these guidelines and you’ll come to love mountain drives. Just take it step by step and remember – play hard, but also play safe. Happy trails out there! If you’re looking to rent a jeep to explore the mountains, check out Ouray Mountain Adventures .