As IVF is one of the most successful types of fertility treatments available to couples who need a little extra support achieving pregnancy, it is an extremely popular choice when looking for support with fertility.

As with any procedure, there are different methods of treatment which can be used alongside IVF to potentially increase the chances of success.

These alternative fertility treatments vary greatly in type, meaning there is sure to be one to suit any kind of preference.

If you are due to take part in a course of IVF treatment, or have been researching the procedure, then it may benefit you to know about the natural fertility boosters that can be used alongside IVF in order to potentially improve the chance of conception.

Read on to discover these alternative therapies, and choose on which you feel will suit you best.


Acupuncture is by far one of the most well-known methods of alternative medicine used in modern days.

This method of therapy is believed to work by using extremely narrow needles to direct the flow of energy through the body, towards certain areas, which is thought to help heal and improve areas of health.

Acupuncture for fertility is thought to work by improving blood flow to the ovaries, which will in turn thicken the lining of the uterus and increase the chances of an egg being able to implant there.

Studies have shown a positive relationship between acupuncture and fertility.


The build up of negative thoughts and feelings that can occur when struggling to conceive, can have an effect on your health, and in fact, make conceiving harder.

Trying to stay positive, and taking steps to relax, will help to keep your mind and body functioning to its full potential, as it will play a part in regulating hormone production and function, and also help to increase your libido. These factors may all play a part in making conception much easier.

Fertility meditation is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to ensure that you are staying relaxed, and keeping your mind healthy through your fertility journey.


The use of various plant parts, including the flowers, stems and roots, are widely thought to contain healing qualities, some of which can make achieving pregnancy easier.

These herbs are thought to be able to improve libido, heighten the quality of sperm or eggs and in some cases, even help to regulate your menstrual cycle. If you are struggling in any of these areas, researching different healing herbs may be an activity worth considering.

In addition to this, herbs are all completely natural, which means that you will be able to take them alongside any prescribed medication you may have.


Reflexology is one of the most effective natural fertility boosters, which involves undergoing oil-free massages of different zones across your feet and hands to improve various areas of your health.

These massages can greatly reduce stress, and encourage you to release endorphins which help in reducing pain and promoting peace of mind, which will work alongside other fertility treatments to improve your chance of conception.

Along with this, reflexology can help blood circulate to relevant parts of the body and balance important hormone levels, which are crucial factors in improving the chance of conception.


Exercise has an incredible amount of benefits to our mind and body, as not only does it strengthen our muscles and improve respiratory systems, but it can release endorphins into our body.

These are all reasons why yoga could help to aid the fertility process, as being in good health will reduce stress, improve your focus and keep your important functions, such as metabolism and hormone release in balance.

As you can see, there are many different natural fertility boosters which may make your conception journey less stressful, and more likely to succeed.

Choosing one of these treatments could be a difficult decision, but could greatly benefit your mind and body in a big way, while helping you to achieve your dream of extending your family.