The Role of Clamshell Packaging in Product Protection and Security

Consumers expect fresh, clean, and safe produce. They also want easy-to-open, transparent packaging that provides a good look at the product inside.

Clamshell packages offer all of this and more. They can be RF-sealed to prevent theft and provide evidence of tampering. They’re lightweight and take up less space in retail shelving than other types of packaging.


custom clamshell packaging is a clear plastic thermoformed package customized to fit and protect your product. It is usually made from PVC, PET, RPET, or polypropylene. It can be made with thin or thick walls, depending on the weight of your product. It can also be made with a graphic insert card or inserted literature, making the packaging more appealing to consumers. The packaging can be color-matched to your brand and printed with the product’s information or logo.

Clamshell packaging is eye-catching, which makes it a great way to stand out on store shelves. It also provides protection that other packaging styles do not offer. For example, packaging in bags, fruits, and vegetables can be smashed or damaged during shipping and handling. Clamshell packages provide better protection for these items, ensuring they stay fresh and in good condition.

Additionally, clamshells are sealed with a method that requires more than just hands to open. It can deter shoplifters and keep the merchandise safe in stores, which benefits the retailers and manufacturers. 


When customers purchase food-to-go from your business, they want to know their items will arrive at home in pristine condition. With custom clamshell packaging, this is possible as it can be molded to your product’s exact dimensions and shape for a secure fit. Additionally, these containers are durable enough to keep your products sealed during shipping and handling.

In addition to being robust, clamshell packaging is easy for your customers to open and close. It makes them an ideal choice for businesses that want to ensure their products are easily accessible by all their customers, including those with sensory or mobility issues.

Whether your food-based business is a restaurant, fast-food chain, grocery store, or retail establishment, there are eco-friendly clamshell options to fit your needs. Cardboard clamshells, for example, are microwave- and freezer-safe and available in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. They are also recyclable and compostable and can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Plastic clamshells are also an option for many food and beverage-based businesses. They can be produced with thinner walls for lighter products or thicker walls for heavier products. They can also be molded with custom interior trays or different compartments for unique size, shape, or texture products. Additionally, these packages can be produced with various color options and finished to be conductive or static dissipative. 


Clamshell packaging offers visibility and allows your business to incorporate brand identity in a clear plastic container. Whether you need custom-shaped clamshells or want to add a logo, this packaging can help you stand out from competitors and increase customer loyalty. Clamshell packaging is ideal for various businesses, from electronics stores to food restaurants and cosmetics manufacturers.

This type of packaging also offers a tamper-evident feature, an essential aspect for many retailers. It helps ensure your product is new and has not been tampered with or damaged, especially in larger retail chains such as Walmart.

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If you have a product that needs to be protected from theft, clamshells provide excellent security. They are available in various thicknesses, and a custom thermoformed part can be made to hold the exact shape of your product. A perimeter seal or RF (radio frequency) sealing can be added to reduce the likelihood of theft, as these techniques make it harder to open the package without a cutting tool.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is its explicit plastic material, which allows customers to see the product inside before they purchase. It can be essential for products like electronics to show off specific features or colors and for food items that shoppers want to be sure are fresh. In addition, manufacturers can use strategic cutouts to display different product parts for additional visibility.

Clamshells also help to keep foods and other products fresher for longer than bags or twist-tie wrappers. This can help reduce waste and food spoilage, significant problems for supermarkets, and global environmental issues. Reducing food and landfill waste also helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, clamshells can be customized with hangers and hooks to accommodate hanging on pegboards or store shelves. It provides retailers convenience and makes displaying and promoting your product more accessible.