Yoga pose

Yoga has been taught, studied and practiced for thousands of years, prized for its ability to exercise the mind and body together. As a beginner, watching experienced yogis practising some of the more advanced poses can be both an inspiration and a deterrent, since none of us begin with the strength, balance, and flexibility yoga seeks to improve.

But, before you shrug off the idea of trying it altogether, you should educate yourself on the many benefits of doing yoga. Considering its positive impact on your physical and mental health, you should cast aside any doubts and take that first step onto the mat. 

It decreases stress

Yoga is all about wellness and relaxation. When you consistently practise yoga, it helps reduce the secretion of cortisol or stress hormone. After a few months, your stress and anxiety levels will go down. Even people who have PTSD also benefit from doing yoga. Therefore, if you feel stressed out, you have to find a quiet place and do yoga. Being present allows you to stay calm and forget the things that bother you. 

It helps reduce inflammation 

If you have chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, you will benefit from doing yoga. Moderate exercises will help you stay physically fit without causing pain and injury. If you don’t have these illnesses, regular yoga will help prevent them. 

Your heart health will improve 

Your heart’s health depends on the ability of tissue to supply blood throughout your body. With yoga, you reduce the risk of having heart disease. It lowers blood pressure and stabilises pulse rate. When you have high blood pressure, your chances of heart attacks and stroke could increase. Yoga helps slow down the progression of potential heart disease. However, it should also come with dietary changes and ability to manage stress.

Improve your overall quality of life 

When you practise yoga, you will always be in a positive mood. You won’t suffer from severe fatigue. Even cancer patients feel changes in their quality of life after doing yoga. They feel less stressed out and avoid falling into a depression. In practising this technique, you will feel more relaxed. As a result, your sleep quality will improve. Your anxiety levels will go down, and your ability to stay productive will increase. 

Improve flexibility and balance 

Yoga is all about maintaining balance and being flexible. You might find it difficult at first, but things become better in the long run. Athletes start doing yoga since flexibility is crucial in most sports. 

Reduce breathing issues 

Yoga also focuses on your breathing. You have to stay in the moment and notice the smallest changes in your body, including how you breathe. Therefore, it’s beneficial for people with asthma and other lung issues. If you couple it with brisk walking or jogging, it’s even better for your respiratory health.Given all these benefits, you should give yoga a try. Consider practising yoga in Oxford with an expert. If you think you can’t do it, turn to true experts who will be able to guide you through the process. You don’t need to do the difficult techniques right away. You can start with the basic methods, and build a solid foundation on which to grow your practice.