A globe box is a type of container that is used only on objects that can only be manipulated in a certain kind of atmosphere. The nitrogen glove box price usually varies, therefore, not just on size but also on the atmosphere it is meant to create. Along the side of these boxes, gloves have been fitted that enable an operative to manipulate whatever is contained within the box without ever affecting the internal atmosphere, and without breaking the containment.

Nitrogen Safety Glove Box Price and Types

Three main types of glove boxes exist:

  1. The ones that allow technicians to work with radioactive materials, infectious disease agents, and hazardous substances.
  2. The ones that allow you to work with substances like argon on nitrogen, which must be contained in an inert atmosphere in a very high purity.
  3. The ones that have a vacuum chamber inside them, which are manufactured in such a way that allows for loaded glove boxes to be evacuated. This means that the environmental change, from air to inert gas and vice versa, can be achieved very efficiently and quickly.

Using Nitrogen Safety Glove Boxes Safely

If you are a laboratory technician and you need to use these glove boxes, it is very important that you do safely. A few things that you have to always remember include:

  1. That you should never use a glove box without inspecting it first. Inspections should take place daily. During inspection, you must check that both the gloves and the glove seals are in perfect condition. You also need to look at the box’ condition, check the fittings, and make sure that the pressure differential rate is as it should be.
  2. That you should always check the pressure gauges and flow gauges’ readings. These should be maintained in acceptable ranges. You must at all times monitor those valves, their conditions, and the overall system configuration.
  3. That you look at the soft connections that exist on the glove box, such as the HEPA filters, the drums, and the gloves. It is very important that you check each of these connections, making sure they are properly sealed so that there is no chance of contamination or exposure.
  4. That you only extend the gloves into the box in a very gentle manner. Do not make sudden movements, as this will pump the gloves up and could lead to a pressure pulse being created. This, in turn, could lead to airborne contamination.
  5. That if you ever believe that something isn’t as it should be, or if you receive a warning or alarm, you need to instantly follow the relevant procedures. Those include speaking to your supervisor to make sure they are aware. Under no circumstances should you continue you work before the box has been declared safe again.

You must understand that a nitrogen glove box is beneficial, but that it also has limitations. Only if you properly use its design features, atmospheric controls, and vacuum controls, will you be able to work with it properly.