The term remedy is used to describe the use of homemade and natural techniques for the relief or cure of ailments, such as muscle aches, gastrointestinal discomfort, cough, among others.

Difference between Home Remedies and Natural Remedies

Home remedies are techniques that can be performed at home and also include the use of natural remedies for disease relief, therefore massages, baths, compresses, and therapeutic exercises are considered home remedies.

Natural remedies include the use of extracts of substances of plant and animal origin for the treatment of diseases, teas, capsules of plant extracts and even essential oils are natural remedies.

5 Natural remedies are proven by science

Many have rejected the value of natural remedies because they claim that they are not effective, however, many natural remedies have their proven effectiveness with scientific studies. Its use is very popular because of its low costs and few side effects.

1. Lavender oil for burns

Lavender essential oil is useful for soothing the pain of first degree burns and those that do not require the assistance of a doctor to be treated.

The action of lavender oil is to accelerate healing and fight potential infections in a new skin. Research shows that the use of lavender oil favors the fibroblast production process, stimulates granulation and collagen synthesis, these processes are essential for healing and regeneration of the skin.

2. Curcuma as an anti-inflammatory

Curcuma is widely used in countries like India, it is currently a food distributed throughout the world, in its composition it has curcuminoids, polysaccharides, and essential oils.

Curcumin decreases the proliferation of inflammatory cells such as cytokines and this helps reduce pain and inflammation in chronic diseases such as arthritis. The use of turmeric also helps reduce oxidative stress at the level of cells and has even been shown to be useful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases because it reduces cholesterol levels. 

3. Honey as an antibiotic

Several studies prove that untreated honey contains natural antibiotics and enzymes that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Honey is qualified as one of the few natural elements that never breaks down because microorganisms do not grow on it. 

4. Linden to reassure

Studies show that linden flowers contain farnesol, a component that acts as a natural sedative at the neuronal level. For this reason, water or infusions of linden popularly received anxiolytic and tranquilizing properties. Naturally, these effects bring benefits to people with mild anxiety and difficulty sleeping. 

5. Arnica for the treatment of bruises

The use of gels and creams based on arnica after bumps and bruises can help reduce pain and facilitates the resolution of the hematoma by up to 20%, a small amount of cream should be rubbed in the affected area, to get decrease inflammation and blood flow normally. 

All these natural remedies can be used at home, in addition to the use of compresses.