How To Have A Whole Body Orgasm

Having the ultimate, pleasurable experience during sex is a goal that everyone is looking to achieve. A full-body orgasm is something that people talk about, but how easy is it to have one? There are ways that you can learn to have a full-body orgasm and experience pleasure from your head right down to your toes. Tantric massage London can help you on your way to achieving that elusive, ultimate orgasm, by teaching you how to direct your pleasure away from your sexual organs and let it radiate around your entire body. If you’re interested in finding out how you can experience this full-body bliss, read on to find out more. 

Your mind 

It is said that when a person achieves orgasm during sex in the pelvic region, is because their focus is solely on their genitals – meaning that a lot of us are focusing on the physical pleasure we are experiencing. In contrast, when trying to achieve a full-body orgasm, you should focus on engaging your mind, as well as your whole body. To achieve this intense pleasure, you must let the sexual energy flow throughout your body. Let go of your inhibitions and what you thought you knew and let your energies flow.  

Slow it down 

This type of pleasure cannot be rushed, so make sure you ease into it slowly, forget all insecurities and taboos and make sure your focus is on the present. Be sure to build up the sexual energy between you and your partner, the more energy between the two of you means a stronger orgasm. It also helps to determine how far up the body the orgasm will go. 


Relaxation is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to achieving this elusive sensation of pleasure. If you’re tense, your senses shut down. Make sure you’re breathing slowly and deeply; any rapid breathing will make you feel nervous and can lead your body to feel anxious. Anxiety during sex can mean that your body will speed up and race to finish, or you’ll lose the ability to achieve orgasm entirely. 

Pay attention to the senses 

To really get in touch with your senses, making sure your body is relaxed and your breathing is slow and deep, almost meditative, will give your body the chance to tingle with sensation. The more you focus on all your senses individually, the fresher the whole experience of sex becomes. Introduce all your senses over your whole body into the experience. 

Make some noise 

Talking of releasing your inhibitions, don’t be afraid to make some noise! There’s no need to feel judged, trying to achieve an orgasm that radiates through your whole body can be made easier by letting out any noise you feel building up – talk, moan, sigh, get loud if you feel like you need to, nothing is off the table. Generally, it is said that sounds with a higher pitch bring your sexual energy up, and making sounds in a lower pitch, like groaning, brings your energy back down. 

Connect with your partner 

Be sure that you’re focusing on what your partner is feeling as well as your own pleasure. Connect with each other. Listen and take note of how your partner reacts to various ways of touching by appreciating the whole body. Talk about the feelings and sensations that you’re experiencing. When you’re coming to the end of your experience and the climax is imminent, direct the orgasm through your body, all the way up to your head. This can take practice, but by focusing on the parts of the body that you want the energy to be, you can achieve a full-body orgasm with your partner.