How to Choose the Perfect Dab Nail

Many different dab nails are out there, each offering a unique experience. The selection of the appropriate one is based on your individual choices and financial situation.

Bangers usually extend the dish, where you place your dab, out from the rig’s joint. They’re commonly made of quartz or titanium. They also have carb caps, which are necessary to prevent heat loss.


The material used to make the dab nail has a significant impact on both its durability and performance. Most nails are made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Titanium is the most durable, can withstand extended use, and drops without breaking.

However, it takes longer to heat up and can give legal concentrates a slight metallic flavor. Ceramic nails heat up quickly and evenly but can be fragile, making it difficult to tell how hot they are. They also require a butane hand torch to heat.

Banger nails come in various shapes and sizes, each with different features. The most popular types are domed and domeless, each with unique benefits. Some people also use electric bangers, or e-nails, which replace the butane torch with an electronic coil and allow you to set your desired temperature.

Some are also available with carb caps, which reduce vapor loss and provide a smoother flavor. Finally, thermal banger nails have a double-walled concentrate chamber that is less likely to clog. These are especially useful for low-temperature dabs.


There are many different dab nail designs available on the market. Some go inside a rig’s glass joints and require a dome, while others are designed to be used without one. In addition, some nails are adjustable and can fit various joint sizes and genders.

Quartz banger nails are popular among dab rig accessories because they offer the shortest heating time while providing good heat retention. They also provide a more consistent flavor than titanium, which can taint your vapor with a metallic taste.

Another great option is a domeless nail, which can be found in both quartz and titanium and eliminates the need for a carb cap when using a dab rig. Domeless nails are a simple upgrade that can make your dabbing experience much more efficient.

Lastly, electronic nails (e-nails) heat your nails with an electrical current instead of using a blow torch. This technology is ideal for beginners because it makes the process much more user-friendly and delivers high-quality results.


If you’re new to dabbing, it’s recommended that you purchase a quality dab nail or banger made from borosilicate glass to ensure durability. These products are built to endure extreme temperatures. Therefore, they should not be prone to breaking easily.

Several different types of dab nails are on the market, including ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, quartz nails retain maximum untainted flavor and heat to the optimal temperature in less than 10 seconds. However, they can be expensive and taste metallic if not seasoned properly.

On the other hand, titanium bangers are corrosion-resistant and can withstand much higher temperatures than quartz nails. However, they can also give your legal concentrates a metallic taste and release harmful toxins if not seasoned correctly.

If you use a titanium nail, ensure it is medical/food grade 2 or above. It would be best to be careful not to overheat it or let it stay at a high temperature for too long. This can lead to an unevenly flavored hit and splatter your concentrate onto other rig parts.


The price of a dab nail can vary significantly based on the material, design intricacy, and brand. However, higher-priced options typically offer better heat retention and durability.

Quartz nails are the most popular and come in various styles, including bangers, flat-top bangers, and slanted cup bangers. They can withstand high temperatures and usually heat up in less than 10 seconds. However, quartz bangers can sometimes taint concentrate vapors with a metallic flavor.

Another option is affordable silicon carbide, which can withstand extremely high temperatures. These nails also vaporize the terpenes in the concentrate before the temperature can damage them, leaving behind a delicious and potent flavor.


Regarding functionality, ensure that dab nails retain and disperse heat properly. This way, your concentrates can be fully vaporized without getting burned. 

Many dabbers choose quartz dab nails for their superior durability and quick heating abilities. However, ceramic and titanium also offer impressive qualities when it comes to dabbing. Ultimately, it all comes down to preference.

Glass nails are ideal for first-time dabbers since they require minimal investment. The only downside is that they need to hold heat better. It’s best to use a butane torch to heat your dab nail. You can find affordable butane torches crafted specifically for dabbing or purchase kitchen torches (sometimes called “creme brulee” torches) for a great price.

E-nails are a convenient and safer alternative to using a butane torch. However, they must still be more versatile than a high-quality dab nail. In addition, an e-nail requires a battery to operate, and it’s possible that the temperature could change during usage.