glass pool fence 2

Glass fences and railings are quickly becoming the go-to method of adding beauty and safety to a property. When you think of glass railings, some images may come to mind, but there are many types of glass railings systems on the market that provide unique benefits. Here’s a look at a few that show why this type of railing the right choice…


One of the biggest benefits of glass railing systems is they are customizable. Glass is a liquid, allowing it to be easily molded and shaped in production before hardening. This means you can have a railing that is custom shaped to fit any curved balconies, patio, or pool areas. The beauty of glass shines through in soft and attractive curves, adding an ultra-elegant design treatment to your property. 

Tall and Extra Tall 

With glass fences, you can take safety to new heights in order to keep kids, pets, and intruders where you want them to be. Height has this benefit, and the taller it is the more benefits it can offer. By installing ceiling-height glass to the inner framework such as on covered balconies, you can have floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure children and pets stay outside pool areas and give you clear views when they are inside. These glass fences also create an attractive enclosure for your pet and reduce your exposure to flies and mosquitos so you can relax and enjoy the views of your surrounding garden, pool, and skyline. 

Styles of attachments

If you are looking to achieve a specific look with your railings, choose from a wide range of attachments and hardware styles that match the look of your home, creating additional harmony. 

Frameless Glass Railings 

One attractive pool fencing idea is to appear to not exist at all. Glass railings excel in this, and frameless glass railings accomplish this even further. You can achieve the ultimate in unobstructed views, showcasing the beauty of the surrounding areas as well as your pool and garden. 

Additional Privacy 

One trait people seldom think about is the benefits glass railings can provide in privacy. The ability of frosted glass still provides the ultra-clean, modern look of standard glass railings while providing the privacy you need. 

Designed Glass 

One of the beauties of a glass fence is its ability to display design treatments such as patterned frosting. These patterns add design to your home and aid in preventing running children and surrounding wildlife from accidentally running into the clear surface. It’s safety in style. 

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is great for patios and backyards with strong sun exposure during sunrise and sunset hours. It allows for a more comfortable experience at a pool. And with some railing styles extending to the full height of the balcony, glass tinting is a clean and easy way to keep down glare while enjoying the view from balconies.