French Alps

The French Alps

When talking about France, there are few places as beautiful as the French Alps. Known for their classic charm and isolated getaways, the French alps may sound a bit boring at first. However, anyone who rents a ski chalet in France will soon find that there is much more to do than they could have ever imagined.

1. Go Skiing

This is the most obvious option when you are in the Alps, but also one of the most enjoyable. The ski trails here have been cultivated and maintained for generations. This has created one of a kind, safe, natural looking, and reliable trails. This means that skiing in the Alps is a completely different experience than skiing anywhere else in the world. There is a reason that all of the professionals choose to vacation in the Alps.

The Alps are also home to the largest ski areas in the world, offering your nearly limitless choices. Some of the different resorts offer 100+ different ski lifts and trails.

2. Go Husky Sledding

While most people think of Alaska when they think of sled dogs, dogs have been used in the Alps for centuries. A number of operators offer the chance to drive a team of huskies across the mountains, experiencing the power and skill that these dogs have within their minds and bodies. Afterward you can learn more about the dogs, their handlers, and even the history of the mountains that surround you.

3. Go For A Hike

There are a number of different areas within the alps that are not covered in snow and that are actually quite nice for many months of the year. These areas often have established hiking trails that offer an enjoyable experience to beginning and experienced hikers alike. Many times these hiking trails will lead to crystal clear lakes and high vantage points.

During the winter, many of these areas are accessible via ice climbing as well. Allowing adventurous travelers a chance to rediscover hidden meadows, valleys, and more.

4. Go Fishing

With a huge number of lakes in the area, the Alps offer some amazing fishing experiences. During the summer, rivers and lakes offer plentiful fish that can be cooked and eaten in your chalet. During the winter, ice fishing offers a bonding experience for locals and travelers alike. The dedication to preservation of the natural environment in the area has ensured that the fish are healthy, plentiful, and safe to consume.

5. Go White Water Rafting

A bit more advanced than some of the other ideas, this is still one of the more popular offerings in the area. Frigid waters that are filled with challenges beckon those with an adventurous soul. There are a number of companies that offer their services in this area, providing safety gear, rafts, kayaks, training, and more. Skilled guides will ensure that everyone in your party makes it safely through this once in a lifetime experience.

6. Take In The Sights

Whether you go into one of the many small towns or choose to stick around your chalet, the Alps offer a number of amazing different experiences. Charming and unique architecture blends together with classic infrastructure to transport you back in time. Even more modern businesses will often be hidden within older storefronts. Combine this with clear air, great weather, and fairytale-like periods of snowfall for a completely idyllic getaway. As an added bonus, the people in the area are always extremely welcoming and friendly.

The classic French coffee shops with perfect espresso can easily be found all over the Alps. Many visitors find that their creative muses flourish in these conditions. It isn’t uncommon to find people working on novels, sketching, or simply taking a chance to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

7. Experience Amazing French Food

While the Alps seem removed from the rest of the world, they still are within France. This means that they still have a large variety of different French foods. From perfectly aged wines to freshly made cheeses and carefully picked truffles, the local cuisine offers the best of France.

One of the most romantic experiences in the world can be had here. Sipping wine, watching soft snow fall on the rustic streets and picturesque mountains, enjoying carefully prepared meals that stimulate your senses. The short walk back to the chalet can seem almost magical on these nights, with the soft snow and twinkling lights from other homes creating an enchanted atmosphere.

8. Explore Historical Buildings

The Alps have been inhabited for hundreds of years, with a number of historical buildings surviving across the entire region. The most popular are usually the cathedrals, but there are also a number of older mansions available to people looking into historical tours. Entire historical districts can be fond in many of the towns, with skilled guides offering their services in several different languages.

Overall, the French Alps offer a break from modern life that is unlike any other. During the winter, this area of the world feels like it is completely disconnected from the rest of society. It is easy to leave behind your work, your stress, and your fears in such a beautiful place. Many people fall in love with the French Alps on their first visit and find that they are drawn back to the area year after year for the rest of their lives.