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Are you one of the 6 in 10 Americans that drink coffee every day? Coffee consumption statistics are completely changed after a year of people working from home. Those that were used to grabbing their favorite on-the-go drink are now opting for their home-brewed concoction.

Here are seven fascinating coffee consumption statistics that everyone should be aware of.

1. Coffee Consumptions Increases Every Year

Since 2015, coffee consumption has steadily increased every year by around 1%. This is either from younger people adopting the drink or caffeine drinkers increasing the amount that they are drinking every day.

Looking to move away from coffee drinking in favor of energy drinks or other caffeine sources? Check out this guide on the best source of caffeine to determine which is right for you.

2. The Majority of Decaf Coffee Goes To the Soda Industry

The soda industry is constantly trying to find ways to make people drink more soda. By introducing decaf soda options, consumers now have the option to have soda at any point in the day.

3. Coffee Drinkers Will Spend Roughly $1100 Every Year

Because people would often grab a coffee on their way to work, those $5 start to add up every day. Though this number might change when the data releases for 2020 and how people being home changed their coffee habits.

4. Finland Drinks the Most Coffee Per Person In the World

One of the most interesting facts about coffee is despite Finland only having a population of just over 5.5 million, they consume more coffee than any other nation.

Finns will consume around 26.45 pounds per capita in any given year and that includes children.

5. The Most Expensive Coffee Beans Come From the Kopi Luwak Dung

The Kopi Luwak loves to eat coffee cherries, which contain coffee beans. Their body doesn’t break down the bean and gets moved out.

Because of this process, a pound of Luwak Coffee can routinely go for over $600.

6. Columbia Harvests and Roasts the Majority of Their Coffee

While most countries like Brazil will export their beans to be roasted elsewhere, Columbia tends to keep it in-house.

So if you’re a fan of Columbia Dark Roast coffee, be assured that your coffee has had the least amount of traveling between harvest and roast.

7. Most Americans Drink Around 3 Cups Per Day

While Americans might not be anywhere near the Finns, they still drink around three cups per day.

This is in thanks to people starting to switch to black coffee to avoid excess sugar.

Coffee Consumption Statistics: Key Takeaways

The real takeaways from these coffee consumption statistics are that the use of caffeine is going to continue to grow. It is considered the world’s most popular drug. Whether you get it from tea, soda, or coffee, most people in the world are ingesting it.

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