7 Benefits of Learning MMA

Quick! Someone is attacking you from behind! What do you do?

You have just discovered one of the many benefits of learning MMA, or mixed martial arts! In addition to general self-defense, there are myriad MMA health benefits, social benefits, and more. It’s a wonderful activity, and it is only rising in popularity, even among adults. 

Don’t just stand there and take our word for it – that’s what someone who hasn’t learned assertiveness after training MMA would do! Read on to learn about the seven benefits of learning MMA that are sure to pack a wallop! 

And to answer the first question – DUCK! 

1. Major Fitness Perks

Sure, you could go to the gym and sign up for yet another dance-based aerobics class that makes you feel ridiculous – but if you need a group to motivate you, why not go all-in for the fitness benefits of MMA? It provides a full-body workout that can increase mobility, build muscle, and improve your reflexes and response time.

There is a lot of repetitive motion involved while you’re learning new forms, so you’ll still be able to burn fat in the same way you would during Zumba class! Additionally, another perk of taking up MMA is that you don’t need many accessories to begin: some good MMA shorts, gloves, good motivation, and a willingness to learn are more than enough to get started.

2. Be Flexible

Taking classes at an MMA school such as Kioto will not only make you stronger – it can increase your flexibility over time as you learn new kicks and stances. Better flexibility can lead to improved posture, less overall pain and tension, and the ability to relax more easily.

The more flexible you become, the lower your risk of injury will be, so if you stick with MMA, you’ll be able to accomplish cooler and cooler feats over time! 

3. Make New Friends!

Are you wondering “Should I start training MMA, or would I be better off going to a bar to meet new people?” You can meet just as many people when you sign up for classes, filled with other adults seeking to sharpen their minds and strengthen their bodies.

It is surprising how many different kinds of people come together with the goal of self-improvement, so you never know who you’ll meet!

4. Make New Enemies!

Those new friends that you make will quickly become your “enemies” as you work together to sharpen your self-defense skills! In a dangerous situation, your body will know how to respond, which can help you to feel safer overall. 

5. Develop Discipline

While children expect a lot of structure and routine during the day, adults don’t always receive a lot of regular direction. MMA encourages you to listen, focus on the task at hand, and learn to tune out distractions. You’ll soon recognize that this discipline carries over to other areas of your life, such as work and even social situations. 

6. Stress Less

Practicing martial arts can lead to lower stress. This is because MMA emphasizes developing focus and accepting that some things, such as the actions of others, are out of your control. At the same time, you learn to gain control over your breathing, thoughts, and body. 

7. Old Dog, New Trick

Are you wondering how to train in MMA if you’re a person of a certain age? The great thing about MMA is that you can begin to pick it up at any age, from childhood on!

You will start at a low rank and won’t progress until you have achieved mastery, making it a great opportunity to learn something new in a stress-free environment!

The Many Benefits of Learning MMA

Whether you’re in it for the friendship, the fitness, or the focus, there are a million benefits of learning MMA! These aren’t even the only benefits – just the top seven! If you’re looking for a new hobby or fitness routine and the gym isn’t doing it for you, consider giving mixed martial arts a shot!

While you’re giving things a shot, why not stick around and check out the rest of the blog for more posts on health and wellness?