Fitness Apps

Planning workouts is quite the task for most people. If you have a layman’s expertise on fitness, choosing the right workouts in the right variety for the right period of time can be downright stressful. Some people decide to hire a fitness trainer while other just do what they can.

When fitness apps came unto the market, they ushered in a new wave of DIY fitness. From tracking progress to scheduling workout sessions, fitness was never the same. One thing that fitness apps couldn’t automatically solve was the issue of time. No amount of scheduling and synching could create more time.

That’s where quick-fit routines come in. These routines are designed to give the user the most out of the fitness routine while keeping the session under a certain time, usually around 15 Minutes. There are many apps on the market, but here are the top 5 five below:


The biggest appeal of fitness apps is their personalized nature. No two people are the same and thus, no two workouts should be either. Few apps embody this more than Kineticoach. The app doesn’t just personalize time, it personalizes everything. Once opened, you input how you’re feeling today (‘feeling great’ or ‘tired’). The app then takes this information and designs a workout just for you. It also designs workouts based on your time settings. It has literally hundreds of workouts available and so getting a workout under 15 minutes will be a breeze.

7-Minute Workout Challenge

This app beats the 15-minute goal by over half the time. As the name suggests, the app is designed to organize workouts in only 7 minutes. The workouts are a rotation of a series of exercises from jumping jacks to squats. As you use it, the number of moves per exercise is shown. You are also given a short video showing how each exercise is to be performed. For those with very limited time to work out, this app is a life-saver.

Adidas All Day Workout App

Heavy workouts aside, there is also a focus on meditation with this app. The Adidas all-day workout app recommends workouts throughout the day for its users, all of which can be adjusted to specific durations of time. For meditation, the app suggests recorded mediations which can also be logged it (think of it as a digital meditation assistant). The meditations and workouts can be timed from as low as five minutes to hours depending on your choice.

Pocket WOD

The pocket WOD (workout of the day) is essentially a pocket trainer. The app posts a workout for each day (including the helpful 7-minute hit) along with tutorial videos and other helpful information. The beauty of the app is that there is something new to try every day. Either for a quick workout before leaving in the morning to a late night session, the app is very helpful in pulling together an effective exercise session in little time.

Daily Leg Workout

For those who don’t ever want to skip leg day, regardless of time, this app is a must-have. The app features daily leg workouts that are between 5 to 15 minutes to do. These aren’t any run-of-the-mill exercises. They are developed and put together by a personal trainer. The exercises are made to be as intense as possible in as little time as possible. With these, leg day can be done in under 15 minutes.

Working out is important, especially in this busy and ever-moving world we live in. Many people struggle to find the time to work out, but with apps like this, workouts can be done to suit one’s time budget. Without having to go to a gym or spend a small fortune on ad trainer, working out is easier and quicker than ever.