Why Your Organization Needs Self-Service Password Reset

How often are you and your employees forced to contact the IT team because you have been denied access to work accounts? This happens often and tends to waste valuable time. That’s why many companies are now using a Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool to help users reset lost or forgotten passwords without contacting IT admins.

The feature allows employees and customers to do this at any time of the day, allowing them access to their accounts or portals. If you’re yet to implement this solution in your company, here’s why you should.

Can Easily Be Integrated Into Your Systems 

Like most solutions, the Self-Service Password Reset solution can easily be integrated into your systems. Find a software company like Tools4Ever that will seamlessly incorporate this solution into your systems without causing too much disruption. In addition, this tool runs in the cloud, meaning even maintenance is easy. No need for device installation of complicated instructions that can frustrate users.

Saves Time

IT personnel have a lot of things on their plate. The less they have to handle, the more effective they’ll be at other tasks. This tool saves them time because users can reset their passwords instead of calling someone from the IT team whenever they’re locked out. Even users find this feature time-saving because there are times they will need assistance but the IT technician is busy, meaning they can’t do anything but wait. This solution lets them reset their password quickly and continue with their work.

Increases Visibility and Analytics

Another reason to consider an SSPR tool is because of enhanced visibility and analytics. Adopting new tech in the workplace can be challenging because some people won’t get it right the first time. Fortunately, with this tool, you can see who is yet to start using it. Who still calls the IT team when locked out of their account? How often does it happen? This provides the opportunity to see whether user education is needed so that no one is left behind.

Saves Money

Many calls to the IT team or help desk are about password resets. These are resources being used which can be directed to other activities in the organization. Instead of increasing the number of people at the help desk, you give the employees the tools they need to reset their own passwords. This frees the IT teams and saves you money for other initiatives.

Flexibility and Security

Another benefit of an SSPR tool is that users can reset their passwords from anywhere they are. In a world where working from home has become a norm, this is a much-needed solution that ensures users can unlock their accounts and continue with work from wherever they are.

Protect Company Data

Self-service password resets also prevent hacking attempts by ensuring that one can only resolve the password issue after adequate authentication. This reduces the possibility of identity theft or social engineering.

Has your company implemented a Self-Service Password Reset solution? If not, you need to get started today. This tool will increase efficiency in the office while saving resources.