What Healthy Aging Actually Looks Like in Practice

Do you know when your skin starts to age? Many people would say after you turn 30 or 40, but your skin stops producing as much collagen as before around the age of 25. This doesn’t mean that you need to throw in the towel when it comes to healthy aging. 

There are many ways to focus on your health and wellbeing to help the aging process slow and enjoy life to the fullest. While commercials will tell you that the magic is found in a pill or through surgery, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Continue reading for a quick guide to some of the ways that aging adults can bring healthy practices into their lives and age gracefully. 

Stay Hydrated

Because our body is made up of 60% water, it needs it just to function. On top of this, there are many benefits tied to the aging process that make water one of the number one ways to help your body as you get older.

Water lubricates the joints and the spinal cord, lessening the pain from movement. It can prevent constipation and help your kidneys to perform their jobs easier. 

On the outside of the body, water reduces wrinkles as it maintains the elasticity of your skin. It also supports healthy hair growth with fewer split ends and lowers the chance of brittle hair. 

Cut Out Processed Sugar

When you eat processed sugar, it has a direct effect on your blood sugar levels. It can harm your gut health by introducing inflammation. 

Sugar also can affect the collagen levels in our body, which is what keeps our skin healthy. When this happens, the skin starts to lose elasticity and becomes stiff, all things you want to avoid. 

Your metabolism shifts as you age, making the need for as many calories less. This leads to sugar staying unused for longer and could form symptoms of obesity. 


Exercising leads to lower levels of stress, keeps fluidity and mobility in your movements, and lessens the risk of diseases. It can affect your mood by releasing endorphins and may improve sleep. 

Sarcopenia, or natural muscle loss, is a part of growing older. Your aging parents may have complained that they aren’t as strong as they once were. Regular muscular strength training activities can help slow down the process. 

You could even branch out and try an ems workout or a new fitness class at your local gym. 


As you focus on getting a good night’s rest, you may see that your concentration and brain function improve. Poor sleep can affect inflammation in the body, which may lead to painful joints. Less sleep also impacts your immune system while better sleeping habits can help protect you and fight off illness. 

Healthy Aging for a Healthy You

Healthy aging isn’t tied only to your resolutions, or for a few months of the year. For optimal health, it should be something you add in every day as you try to be the best and healthiest you possible.

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