Stress Management

Christmas and New Year’s are some of the best times of the year – all that time you spent with your family and friends enjoying yourself. But now it’s January, the mornings are dark and cold, and chances are your bank balance is looking a little empty. You’ve had enough time off work to get used to your free time and dread the thought of returning to your routine, with little or nothing to look forward to. You’re not alone, and it’s completely normal to feel a little flat when the holidays are over. Follow these easy steps to beat the new year’s blues and get back into a routine.

Don’t be a pessimist

Easier said than done right? But what if I told you that post-holiday stress can actually be good for you! This increased negativity you’re feeling is a sign of healthy psychological behaviour. Give your brain a chance to restore ordinary and adapt back into your daily routine. Post-holiday stress got its name for a reason, so it won’t last long. Be grateful for the good times you just had, and there’s only another 11 months until you get to do it all over again! So change your mindset and prepare for positive thinking for the year ahead.

Find something to look forward to

The obvious and most common way to get out of your funk is to book a holiday, arrange a get together again with family and friends, or set some yearly goals. Having something to look forward to is a great way to distract yourself this time of year. Make a list of things that excite you and begin to plan and organise yourself to strive towards them. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip to a faraway island either, although that would help! Here’s a start: long summer nights, BBQs with friends, beach trips with your family, music festivals, the fresh fruit and veg that come in season in the warmer months, the list goes on…

Look after yourself

Calories don’t count at Christmas right? But now you might be feeling miserable from all the overeating and drinking you did over the holidays. But don’t stress about a few added pounds, that’s expected, instead take time for yourself this January and ease yourself back into your routine with a better sleeping pattern and a healthy diet/exercise. An easy way to boost your moral is to take daily essential vitamins and supplements. Nootropics have a great range of brain supplements to enhance cognitive functions and restore your much needed energy.

Think about your pets

It’s not just you who may be feeling a little down this month. Patch and Whiskers need some loving too! Our pet’s routine is disrupted over the holidays as they get used to the attention and atmosphere around the house. As their owners settles back into their lives, they may feel anxious and depressed too. Leave the TV/radio on at home or leave a piece of your clothing around for their comfort.