When someone tells you about correcting your teeth and smile you immediately think of a metal wreck in your mouth, hundreds of visits to the doctor and years of treatment. However, with current developments in medicine, it’s possible to correct your smile and show perfect teeth in an average of 6 months.

Gone are the days of embarrassing corrective treatments like “train track” braces in your mouth, nowadays, there are several treatments that are nearly invisible to sight and are much more effective at straightening crooked teeth in a fraction of time.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Having straight teeth means you have healthier teeth, they function better once your bite is corrected and they are also easier to clean – Preventing gum problems and chances of tooth decay.

Besides of evident dental health, it’s reported that patients that went through successful orthodontic treatments and corrected their smiles often have an improvement in mental health – a boost in self-confidence by smiling to your fullest.

I’m an adult – Is there hope for me?

Of course! Orthodontic treatments are not only for children and teenagers – there’s been an increase in adult treatments in the past few years, mostly because there are nearly invisible treatments that take less time.

There’s no age limit in correcting your teeth if you’ve been embarrassed by your smile for as long as you remember it might be the perfect time to seek an appointment with a professional.

A visit to a qualified and recommended orthodontist can help you pinpoint your issues and correct them in little time.

How’s it done?

There are currently several successful techniques out there, which one is recommended for you depend on your current situation and your orthodontist’s evaluation. However, the technique most popular amongst adults is Invisalign, a set of clear braces that are removable and replaced by your dentist every two or three weeks.

Keep in mind that every situation is different and you’ll have to go through several tests like x-rays and close inspection by your dentist before deciding on a treatment. There might be better options for your specific case.

Common questions

It is normal to have doubts and concerns when someone tells you that your teeth can be corrected and aligned in just six months – everyone has gone through your situation and here are a few answers to common concerns reported by patients:

Will it hurt?

Most orthodontics present minor discomfort the first 48 to 72, since your teeth are being tightened you’ll feel a slight pain that will subside as you get comfortable with it. The same thing will happen every time the treatment is adjusted, although it’s common that a reduction of discomfort will take place as the treatment progresses.

How much will it cost?

The six-month treatment for perfect smiles can cost from £2500 to £2950, but it ultimately depends on which treatment you decide.

Your orthodontist must work with your budget and priorities, offering the best option available that you can afford.

Are the really invisible?

Depending on the treatment they can range from nearly visible – Invisalign and lingual braces – to the common “train tracks” braces.

One of the common concerns is speech impediment, with current techniques you will only have a discomfort when speaking the first few hours, once you adapt there will be no change in the way you talk.

Where do I sign for a perfect smile?

If you’re convinced now’s the time to finally correct your teeth, look for a high-quality orthodontist nearby, remember that your smile is the first thing people notice and the impact on your physical and mental health is invaluable.

Ask the specialist about available options, they will instruct you on the procedure and address any individual concern you may have.