How long do Brain tumors take to develop?

A brain tumor is a condition of the brain where a small lump of cells starts to metastasize and therefore causes issues with blood circulation in that area. Brain tumors can be benign and therefore can be removed surgically but some brain tumors are active and malignant and could be cancerous. 

In fact, most cancers of the brain include the presence of a brain tumor. Malignant Brain tumors can spread throughout the brain and cause issues that prevent proper blood circulation and eventual death of certain parts of the brain.

A brain tumor is usually treated by an Oncologist in any of the top Cancer Hospitals or Institutions in India. A brain tumor is an extremely dangerous condition and if left undetected for long periods of time, it can cause complete death of the brain and is fatal to the patient. To find out more, online you can read about Dr Timothy Steel and other surgeons in your area, to see their professional advice and thoughts on these matters.

Brain tumor and its Causes

A brain tumor is a small clot, often varying from the size of a small stone to as large as a marble or two combined. They form just like cancers form in the body, an uncontrolled proliferation of the cells in any part of the body which starts metastasizing and growing at a rapid speed without any control. This causes cells to become cancerous and form a lump wherever the growth starts to occur.

Most times, there are no causal factors when it comes to brain tumors. It could happen to anybody despite age, gender, and lifestyle factors. The only factor perhaps with a connection to brain tumor risk factor is genetics and family history. Those who have had family members with brain tumors are at an increased risk for brain tumors in their own lives.

Another possible cause of brain tumors is exposure to cancer-causing agents such as free radical emissions that are present in the environment, some of the industrial environments, chemical-based jobs and professions, mining and construction exposure to heavy metals, etc. 

Exposure to radiation therapy as part of cancer treatment for other cancers can put a patient at risk for brain cancer as the ionizing radiation causes ill effects on the brain. 

Primary and Secondary Brain Tumor

There are two kinds of brain tumors, primary brain tumor originates in the brain or the associated organs such as Meninges, cranial nerves, spinal cord extension into the brain, and the pituitary or pineal glands. 

This is very rare as most people who have such a tumor could be affected by this disease ever since childhood or into young age. They start developing early on in life and start to give out symptoms. 

Secondary brain tumors are more common amongst adults. This is a result of cancer that spreads to the brain after affecting or starting from any other part of the body such as the breast, lung, colon, blood, etc. Secondary brain tumors affect the brain slowly but the metastasizing of cells happens rapidly as the mutation of the DNA in brain cells helps in the fast proliferation of the cells. 

The treatment for both kinds of brain tumors includes surgery to remove the benign or malignant lump of tumor growth followed by chemotherapy to control the spread of cancer to the rest of the brain. Medication and therapy are done simultaneously to help the patient in the management of the disease as the effect on the brain may cause disabilities in patients.