Why Infused Pre-Rolls Are Taking the Cannabis Market by Storm

When it comes to consuming cannabis, many consumers turn to infused pre-rolls. These are joints with concentrates like kief, bubble hash, sauce, THCa diamonds, and more. Regarding packaging, single joint packages account for the most infused pre-rolls, with half-gram joints making up 41 percent of the category’s dollar sales across all BDSA-tracked markets in Q4 2022.

They’re convenient

The popularity of infused pre-rolls has surged in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. These cannabis joints combine marijuana flowers with various concentrates to create a complete experience. They’re also easy to use. So whether you’re on the go and need something quick to smoke or want to enjoy a more potent joint, infused pre rolls are the perfect solution. When creating infused pre-rolls, different cannabis companies employ various methods to achieve their desired result. Some use different extracts, such as live resin or rosin, to add flavor and potency to the pre-rolls. Others opt for distillate to provide the consistency that many consumers prefer. Either way, keeping an eye on the market and identifying what consumers seek is essential.

They’re easy to make

An infused pre-roll is a cannabis joint added with a marijuana concentrate like hash, kief, or wax to enhance the smoking experience. It can be rolled into the pre-roll or dipped over it. This type of weed takes the pre-roll to a new level and is an excellent way for consumers to enjoy their favorite strains. A quick search online will reveal various types of weed extracts and their methods for infusing. Wax is a popular option as it has a malleable texture that can be easily worked into a pre-roll or acted as the glue for more concentrates like kief.

They’re affordable

Infused pre-rolls are a great way to try new concentrates or strains without significantly investing. Because they are smaller than traditional joints, they also burn slower and hit harder, allowing you to experience the effects of your preferred extract fully. You can find infused pre-rolls made from shake or trim instead of bud to save even more money. However, beware of low-grade products, which can be harsh and burn fast. A savvy customer can quickly differentiate between high-grade buds and lower-quality shakes. The flavor and strength of your infused pre-roll will depend on the strain used and the type of extract paired with it. Indica strains can be very relaxing, while sativa strains are more energizing and often have a more potent effect. Sauce, rosin, and live resin are popular concentrates that can be infused into pre-rolls for a more premium experience. They typically have a sticky, liquid consistency and offer robust flavors.

They’re customizable

A pre-roll is a cannabis joint that has been expertly rolled and contains premium flowers designed for an even density and balanced smoke. Infused pre-rolls take this to the next level by adding a cannabis concentrate for a more powerful and intense experience. There are many types of infused pre-rolls on the market. Kief is a common choice as it’s easy to mix with flowers and has a powdery consistency that can be easily dispersed. Moon rocks are another popular option, as they’re a great combination of potency and flavor. Another important fact is to compare rosin vs live resin, which are other popular extracts that can add an extra punch of flavor and power to any pre-roll. It’s important know the benefits and flavors of each before buying a pre-roll. A pre-roll infused with an extract like hash or kief can be packaged in a sleek, high-quality tin perfect for carrying around and reusing later.