The Science Behind Losing Body Fat

Did you know that more than 60% of adults in the United States are overweight, with nearly half of them obese? 

Fast food, long hours at work, and limited access to healthy foods all contribute to obesity, however, there is more to it. 

If you want to learn more about the truth behind body fat, you need to understand the science. 

Continue reading to learn more about losing body fat based on scientific evidence and research! 

How It Begins 

One of the first things to understand about losing body fat is how it starts in the first place. 

In simple terms, fat begins accumulating when someone consumes more calories than their body needs. Each time that a person eats, insulin is released through the body. Insulin helps cells absorb glucose, which is then converted to energy.

When there is more glucose than needed, body cells store the insulin as fat. 

Storing fat isn’t necessarily always bad though. In times of famine and food shortages, people have survived on the fat stored in their bodies. 

Your Lifestyle Makes an Impact

If you are interested in understanding your body, you should look at your ancestors.

A person’s lifestyle directly impacts how much fat they are storing. For example, during the era of hunting and gathering, people didn’t store fat because they consumed less and were more active. In today’s society, many people are living sedentary lifestyles and consuming high-sugar diets.

The way that you live impacts how much fat your body holds onto. If you want to reduce your weight, take a lesson from your ancestors by eating less and becoming more active. The reason that your lifestyle makes an impact on holding fat is that it can interfere with mental and physical health. 

Exercise Before Eating

If you want to focus on weight loss, you should exercise before eating.

Since the body uses the fat stored in your body for energy, you want it to deplete what is already there. Working out before eating can help you burn more calories throughout the day and you might notice more results from long gym sessions.

Always pay attention to your body, if you need to have a small snack for the gym, don’t feel guilty. It is better to eat something small rather than get light-headed or sick. If you play in competitions or competitive sports, it is usually best to eat before playing.

When it comes to losing fat, exercise first. Getting energy to keep you moving throughout the day involves eating enough to supply you with strength. 

Supplements Help

Studies, reviews, and testimonials have backed up supplements since the beginning of time.

Certain herbs and foods are known for decreasing body fat and helping people lose weight. Green tea extract, green coffee extract, and chitosan are common supplements that people use to get rid of stubborn fat. 

Many people recommend drinking Java Burn in the mornings. Incorporating supplements into your routine can make life simpler and efforts more effective.

Although supplements have been known for helping people, it is important to pay attention to what you are buying. Only specific supplements have scientific claims to back them up, so you need to conduct research. You should talk to your doctor about supplements that will help you feel and look lighter. 

Pay Attention to Your Diet 

Since the food you consume turns into glucose, you need to monitor how much you are consuming. 

Foods with added sugars and sugar alternatives can spike your insulin levels so high that you get diabetes. Fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended. They have natural sugars that are healthier for consumption. 

Grains, nuts, and herbs can also help with losing body fat since they are so beneficial. A healthy and plant-based diet can help you lose weight that you didn’t know you were holding onto. This is due to getting all of the necessary nutrients that your body needs to function at its optimal best. 

Where Does the Fat Go?

When you improve your diet and exercise, it might feel like the fat is just disappearing, but there is more going on. 

As you use energy and stored fat cells, water and carbon dioxide get released. This combination is then released through the body through the breath, sweat, and urine. Although this doesn’t seem like an effective way to reduce body fat, it does more than you think.

A lot of people wear plastic suits and sweats while working out to increase how much they sweat. This isn’t because they want to smell, it’s because it is effective. The more that a person sweats, the more that they release fat and toxins. 

There Are Different Types of Weight 

Have you ever gone out dancing for a night and dropped 5 pounds in one night?

Chances are, you lost water weight. When the body gets dehydrated, it stores water which can lead to a bloated feeling. When people sweat, they lose the water weight, however, this isn’t the same as losing fat. Once your body gets replenished, it will go back to your standard weight, since no fat got burned. 

Losing body fat can reduce your weight but it takes much more time to do than losing water weight. The best place to start is to get rid of water weight by drinking fluids and exercising. After the water weight is gone, you can have a better idea of how much work you have ahead. 

As you exercise, you might notice the scale staying the same or going up. This can be a frustrating thing to see, however, it is due to increased muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, so be patient and the results will show in time. 

Are You Interested in Losing Body Fat? 

Learning about the science behind losing body fat can help make your efforts more productive.

If you are sick of trying diet after diet with no results, you should focus your attention on science. Drinking water, eating healthy, and exercising are proven ways to lose fat. You should monitor your body while losing weight to ensure that you are getting the essential nutrients. 

Don’t forget to consider using supplements if you need more energy to get through the day. 

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