HIIT Workouts

HIIT Workouts

In the world of fitness, HIIT (High intensity interval training) workouts have been one of the latest things to generate excitement amongst fitness enthusiasts and gym goers alike. These workouts consist of a simple concept, where you engage in short periods of high energy output, which are then followed by short periods of rest. The idea of these workouts is that it makes your body work harder than it would in a regular cardio routine, and in turn this burns maximum calories in less time and develops your strength and conditioning.

And with summer being the desired time of year where everyone wants to be in peak physical condition, I decided to list some of the best HIIT workouts that will help YOU get in shape for summer!

Abs Interval Workout

Get the chisel out, because it’s time to craft those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted. This abdominal workout targets the right muscles for you to see growth, as well as an increase in strength and stamina. The workout itself consists of 50 crunches, a minutes worth of bicycle crunches, 15 sit ups, 15 hanging knee raises, 20 oblique crunches, and to finish off 20 seconds worth of half burpees.

Complete this round of workouts four times, with a minute of rest between each round.

Burpee Finisher

For maximum results, the burpee finisher should be completed four times, with a minutes rest between each circuit. This small resting time really encapsulates what the HIIT workouts are all about; Utilizing a high output of energy, and then recovering in a limited time. One component of the workout is pull ups, but there isn’t a minimum or maximum amount you should be putting up. All you should do is record as many pull ups as you can in the space of 30 seconds, whether that be 5 or 50. The only advice that I could give to you is to maintain form, and keep your mobility. After the pull ups, the next exercise that you should perform is the jumping jack, 60 of them to be precise. The workout is concluded with 20 burpees, hence the title of the exercise itself.

Jump Rope Workout

This next workout is an intense one that will focus on core strength and conditioning. It includes 45 mountain climbers, followed by 20 push ups. After these, move onto the front plank. This is one of the more dreaded exercises out there, but if you’re able to perform it well and consistently, the process can be very rewarding. Hold this plank for a minute, before moving onto a minutes jump rope session.

HIIT Sprint Workout

This workout is one that doesn’t include any fancy gym equipment at all, it just requires you and a motivated mindset. The sprint workout includes running distances in short periods of time, before resting and recovering for a period of time that is also short. Also, there are two variants to this workout as well. If you’re already of a high level of fitness or are just looking to really challenge yourself, then there’s the higher level, whereas if you’re new to the fitness scene or would like to ease yourself in, then there’s the average level. In both of the workouts you run for 10 seconds, but the difference is that in the high level 89 yards are ran, whereas in the average 73 yards are ran. Both exercises are repeated 10-20 times, and both of them feature 30-50 seconds of rest.