New Year, New You: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions this Season

As the New Year begins, many people make resolutions to get in shape and stay fit. But it can be hard to keep those resolutions during the winter months. Some people take to being inside with a pinch of salt and create a home gym space that they can use when they are unable to go outside.

Because it is only for a certain amount of months, they do not want to make a permanent home gym, instead, they need something just to get them through the cold snap. 

This is when they will search for gym equipment hire Scotland companies, or a company in their local area so they can return it when the weather gets warmer without having to commit fully to buying this equipment.

However, if you are someone who is not able to make themselves a home guy or find it hard to keep to those fitness resolutions, then here are seven tips to help you stay on track this season.

Set realistic goals

Rather than resolving to lose 20 pounds, set a goal to lose five pounds or to work out three times a week. Having smaller, achievable goals will help you stay motivated and on track. If you think too big from the get-go and you do not achieve what you want in a certain amount of time, then you are going to feel disillusioned and give up.

Think realistically, it will help you in the long run and give you more achievements as you go. Bigger goals can get set when you are further into your fitness journey.

Find an activity you enjoy

Exercise does not have to be boring. Find an activity that you enjoy and look forward to doing. Whether it is taking a dance class, going for walks in the park, or playing tennis, choosing an activity that you enjoy will make it more likely that you will stick with it. 

It is also a great opportunity to meet people who are in the same boat as you so you can bond over keeping fit and/or losing weight.

Make a plan

Once you have selected your goal and found an activity you enjoy, make a plan for how you will achieve your goal. If you are not sure where to start, consider hiring a personal trainer or signing up for a class at the gym.

Working with a professional or going to a place that is more regimented will help you with executing your plan. It can be hard for people to get themselves motivated so that extra push can be greatly beneficial at the start.

Set aside time each week

In order to make your plan work, you need to set aside time each week to exercise. Put it in your calendar and treat it like any other appointment. It can be tough at first, but once you keep doing it, it will become second nature to you, and you may even find yourself really enjoying that time.

Find a workout buddy

Having someone to work out with can help you stay accountable and motivated. If you do not have a friend who is interested in working out, consider joining a fitness group or signing up for a class with a family member or a work friend.

Reward yourself

Give yourself small rewards along the way to help you stay on track. For example, after working out three times in one week, treat yourself to a new pair of workout shoes or a massage.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you miss a workout or indulge in an unhealthy meal, do not beat yourself up. Just get back on track and keep going. We all fall down multiple times; the most important thing is not to stay down there. Brush yourself off and start again, you can do it.


Staying fit during the winter can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals.