Medical Dispensaries

When you look to trend-setting states like New Hampshire and Alaska, you have to wonder how quickly the recreational marijuana movement is going to spread. Truth is, a lot of folks believe that by 2020, you will see a majority of states with legal recreational marijuana laws already in effect. That includes marijuana delivery services, as well as medical cannabis in just about every corner of the country.

What Will This do For the Cannabis Delivery Business?

Everyone is asking if this is going to hurt or help the cannabis delivery industry, but few are looking at the effects of this in other states to assess that data. As the industry grows, lawmakers are looking at every possible taxable avenue, and it’s leaving a lot of people wondering how they’re going to organize all of these sales. Will there be a public ledger? What’s going to happen?

Organization comes through laws. Whatever dispensaries and delivery dispensaries have to report is going to determine the organizational process of recreational cannabis sales, no matter what state or territory this becomes legal in. There’s one thing government agencies love: data. They’re going to use public data as well as sales data to determine what restrictions to put on recreational use, and those restrictions will immensely impact recreational sales.

We’re all left wondering how Los Angeles is going to organize recreational sales, and what laws are going to fall into place. Time will tell, and little else. Los Angeles is on the stage of America right now and their decisions are going to impact the rest of this trend as it comes full circle to recreational legalization in all of the United States. The right now matters a whole lot.