Medical Recruiter

In many occupational fields, employees get sick days to visit the doctor, recover from an injury, or go for surgery. But what do you do when the employee is the doctor? To be part of this specialized field, one must go for years of theoretical study and on-the-job experience. Replacing a physician or clergyman can be quite the difficult task. Not only because there is a shortage of people within the field, but also because not everyone is able to perform the duties of the doctor, physician, or clergyman. 

If you are the manager of a medical practice or hospital, then you’ll greatly benefit from Locum Tenens providers throughout the year. 

What is Locum Tenens?

The phrase Locum Tenens is Latin and roughly translates to the meaning ‘to hold a place’. A person who acts as a Locum Tenens will temporarily fulfill the work and duties of the person who can’t. This term is usually used when talking about workers within the medical field like clergymen and physicians. 

A recruiter that provide Locum Tenens will help practices and hospitals to find a suitable candidate that will be able to fulfill the duties of their own physician. As a medical practice, you might think that you will never be in a situation where you are in dire need of a replacement of one of your staff, but having a Locum Tenens provider service on hand will be greatly beneficial. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it: 


As previously stated, it’s difficult to find physicians in the country. It’s a specialized field that takes true dedication and skill. Locum Tenant providers help bridge the gap between the shortage of physicians and the shortage of people with the necessary skills. 

Check out this career roadmap to how you can become a doctor and to be more clued up on what doctors actually have to go through to become a practicing physician. 

Because healthcare providers and medical practices have a shortage, they will end up competing against each other to try and find the most suitable practice. Locum Tenens providers assist with this problem in giving healthcare practices access to skilled talent. 

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In an emergency, practices won’t have the time to do a full background check on a potential fill-in candidate. This means that they are taking a risk in hiring someone on a temporary basis, who won’t be able to perform tasks at hand. 

Just like with any recruiter, medical recruiters do a full background and reference check to ensure everyone on file is skilled and ready-to-go. Furthermore, they will ensure that the physician on-hand can perform at a high standard that fits your organization’s needs. 


Medical practices who would like to scale, can highly benefit from a medical recruiter. In many cases, it won’t be profitable to hire a full-time physician or clergyman. But, if you want to scale your business, you can invest in hiring a fill-in employee a few days a week or even for a few months. This will allow you to grow your medical practice gradually. 

Not only grow with temporary staff, but also with new services. If your facility isn’t equipped to deal with certain community health problems, then you can hire someone through a Locum Tenens provider who is. This will give you the opportunity to introduce and test new services to clients. 

Follow these tips on how to grow your medical practice:


There are times when work becomes too overwhelming for the staff you already employ. Being overwhelmed and overworked can cause burn out and result in medical accidents. In situations like the global pandemic of COVID-19 or in a natural disaster where you need extra assistance, you can benefit greatly from a medical recruiter to provide help and assistance. 

For private practices, medical facilities, hospitals, and healthcare provider institutions a Locum Tenens is a great option to consider. Having someone on board who will introduce you to high-quality candidates that fit in with your set up, is great to maintain quality and permit growth.