Spring Clean Your MacBook

When you think of spring cleaning, you think of mopping up floors and washing the finger smudges off of windows. You usually don’t think of giving your laptop a thorough scrub-down. But why not? It’s collecting dust and grime from daily use. It’s full of old apps, folders and files that need to be thrown out.

Before you tackle the carpeting or the unpolished furniture, you need to take the opportunity to clean-up your MacBook.

Empty the Trash!

After binging a few episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you’re probably motivated to clear out all of the junk cluttering your house. Before you ask yourself if your old beanie babies or cut-off shorts “spark joy,” go to your laptop and declutter the mess in there.

One of the best ways to spring clean your computer is to remove all of your old and unused apps that are taking up precious storage space. Do the same with any files and documents that don’t serve any purpose, like college essays from classes you’ve since passed or music that isn’t your taste anymore. There is no need to cling to this stuff. Put them all in the trash and then empty it.

If the idea of going through your junk is daunting, you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can download CleanMyMac to clear away your digital clutter and improve the performance of your device, giving you more storage and better running speed. Think of it like hiring a professional cleaner, but for your MacBook. 

Get Rid of Dust and Dirt!

You have a smudged screen, a grimy keyboard and dust building up in the corners. Before you get out your cleaning supplies, you should be aware that Apple products are notoriously sensitive.


Start by turning the MacBook off and unplugging it from a power source. The experts at Apple Support advise that you use a soft lint-free cloth on the surface because paper towel and other materials can damage it. Dampen the lint-free cloth and lightly wipe the screen and keyboard.

Under no circumstances should you do the following:

  • Spray household cleaners directly onto the screen
  • Use household cleaners with the cloth
  • Use a cloth that is dripping wet
  • Get water into any openings

Consider a Makeover!

You’ve just cleaned up the laptop and you don’t want to touch it. You’ll just ruin your delicate work and cover the whole thing in smudges and smears all over again. To keep it looking sleek and free of unsightly marks, get some much-needed protection.

You should update the look of your MacBook with a true-textured 3M skin in a fun design that will make your device stand out from the crowd of Apple-followers. Pick an exciting style like white marble to make your laptop look as if it’s carved from stone or pick wood grain to make it seem as if it was built by innovative lumberjacks. If you like a pop of color, you have the entire rainbow to choose from.

The accessory will maintain the condition of your MacBook and give you the added benefit of a fresh makeover.

Don’t Forget About the Accessories!

The charger cable is probably not the pristine shade of white that it was when you first bought your MacBook. It’s been dragged along dirty, dust-coated floors for ages and is now gray. You can quickly remove the dark stains from the cable with alcohol swabs.

You can clean up dirty AirPods by using a cotton swab to wipe the surface free of earwax and buildup. If the buildup is stubborn or hard, use a flosser pick to break it down. Once it’s loose, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. 

If you don’t have AirPods, you can clean your earbuds by using a dry toothbrush to remove buildup carefully from the buds and then disinfect the exterior with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If these earbuds have silicone covers, soak them in warm water with dish soap, scrub them with a cotton swab and rinse them out. Let them dry and then put them back on.

The chore of cleaning up your MacBook may not excite you, but you will feel so much better when it’s all over. It will have more storage space. It will run faster than it has in ages. It will look sharp with its new skin. You’ll feel like you have a brand-new laptop sitting on your desk.