camping tips
From remote areas to popular coastal spots, Australia has amazing locations for camping and exploring. And it makes sense that outdoorsy gadgets just keep on coming onto the market. We should make the most of them! Technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives. So, it was a matter of time that people started thinking up new ways to live the outdoors. Here are four fantastic items that you might want to pack for your next  Aussie adventure.

Thermo Tent

Let’s face it. Tents can be a bit frustrating. Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. And if you happen to be in a crowded site, they can be very noisy too. Well, forget about sleepless nights. Thermo Tents has created the world’s first thermally and acoustically insulated tent. It will give you a comfortable night’s sleep. This wonderful tent looks just like a traditional one. The clever part is what goes on inside. The only bad thing is that it can reduce a bit your cellphone signal. But don’t worry! Just try out Vodafone signal booster to solve the issue.


These containers look innocent. Yet, they conceal a whole load of equipment! You can use it to turn any vehicle into a nice motorhome.

It is motorhome system made out of elegant boxes. It lets you gear any regular car with whatever home conveniences you want to enjoy on the road. The cooking module comes with a fold-out table. It also has some smaller modules to serve as stools. These will allow you to have a civilized dinner on a camping trip. But that’s not all. This system has a bathing section, too. It includes mirror and a pull-out shower. And, since no one likes to dig holes in the woods, it also comes with a proper toilet. The Buddybox comes in two sizes, taller and a shorter one.

A speaker powered by the sun

For many travellers, having fun is the #1 goal on any great Aussie adventure. Music is an essential part of this. The Eton Rugged Rukus speaker will allow you to play your favorite songs on repeat. How? Thanks to its solar-powered system. It is light and eco-friendly, and it boasts clear, smooth audio. You can also take it to the pool and not have to worry about getting it wet. It’s got a PX-4 splashproof rating. And make sure you bring along your favorite playlists! You can connect your mobile device via BlueTooth and control the music remotely.

Helinox CotOne

After a day of outdoor adventure, nothing is more appreciated than a good night’s rest. Sometimes, even seasoned adventurers have trouble falling asleep. The Helinox CotOne camp stretchers could be the answer to your prayers. Especially if you want a comfy night. It weighs around 2kg, and is not exactly cheap. Yet, it will certainly provide you with a good night’s sleep. You will never want to sleep on the lumpy, damp ground again.