Custom Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are not going to break any world records for speed anytime soon.  Instead, they were made for leisurely riding.  They are known for being comfortable and stable, perfect for people watching on the beach boardwalk.

Of course, as you ride slowly by on your beach bike and watch all the people, they watch you.  People watching is a two-way street.  Therefore, why not have the snazziest looking beach cruiser bike on the beach?

SixThreeZero bikes embody the aesthetic of cool, colorful Southern California style.  Best of all, you can customize your beach bike right on the SixThreeZero website.  This way, it arrives at your door ready for a ride on the beach.

The Steps to Customizing Your Bike on the SixThreeZero Site:

  1. Select a men’s or women’s bike cruiser.
  2. Choose the number of speeds you want.  The idea that all beach cruisers are single speed is just a stereotype.  Some of SixThreeZero’s beach cruiser styles are available in three-speed or even seven-speed models.
  3. Choose your bike frame.  Some of SixThreeZero’s most popular frame styles include Around the Block, Dreamcycle, Paisley, and Scholar.
  4. Choose the color of your rims.  Most rims are solid colors, but there are options for red with black spokes and green with black spokes.
  5. Choose your fender color.  Chrome fenders are available, as are many different matte colors.
  6. Choose the color of your seat and handlebar grips.
  7. Choose a cup holder and other accessories.

Your Bike Will Arrive Ready to Ride

Buying cruising bikes from the SixThreeZero site lets you explore and choose lots of varieties just by clicking.  It is still a good idea to take the bike to a bike shop to adjust the seat and pedals, if necessary.  Then you will be ready to ride.