Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is designed to enable a woman to feel happier with her shape and form. Some people see it as a form of vanity, but they forget that many patients who have had an augmentation do so after they have had a mastectomy. Furthermore, nobody should judge anyone else for their choices in terms of their appearance. What is concerning, however, is that so many women who have a breast augmentation do not know they may need capsular contracture treatment Los Angeles after their procedure, and even fewer have heard of Singulair.

Capsular Contraction Treatment Los Angeles Singulair Options

In a recent study, 19 women who had a breast implants and who experienced capsular contraction, a common complication of this surgery, were given Singulair. The results were impressive:

  1. 11% of patients had worsening symptoms.
  2. 16% did not experience any change.
  3. 26% noticed an improvement in their condition.
  4. 37% saw a complete reversal of their condition.
  5. 11% were stopped from developing it in the first place.

What these results show is that Singulair is an excellent form of treatment for capsular contracture. Additionally, it showed that there were almost no associated side effects with the medication either. While Singulair is not designed for this, it should perhaps be considered for off-label use.

Drugs to Fight Capsular Contracture

There are many things that cause contracture in breast implants, including hematoma and bacterial contamination. The result of this is that the inflammatory response goes on for too long. Accolate, an asthma anti-inflammatory drug, also improves the symptoms of capsular contracture. However, research has shown that there is an association between Accolate and very serious side effects, including liver failure, hepatitis, and even death. As a result, the drug was quickly abandoned, although it did work very well. Singulair is quite similar as it is also a leukotriene inhibitor, which is precisely what causes contracture in the first place.

Singulair, however, is not associated with these side effects. Rather, the studies have now proven that it helps to stop contracture in its tracks if caught early enough. Furthermore, there might be a scope for prescribing it proactively, avoiding the condition from occurring in the first place. This is an important consideration to make, because Singulair is not effective on severe contracture. Only surgery can help to prevent that.

Capsular contracture is a very annoying side effect associated with plastic surgery. It is also very frightening for women, and particularly those who have had an enlargement as a result of having had a mastectomy. The site of the contracture becomes very hard, feeling almost like a lump, which is obviously very distressing for women in this position. So much so, in fact, that it has led to numerous women opting to have a full, double mastectomy as a result, simply because they are too afraid of having further cancer discovered. The role of the surgeon in preparing women for the likelihood of this condition is therefore incredibly important as well.