Animals are important creatures to humans especially when you have them as pets or for other purposes such as for food, work or revenue. They like humans can fall sick or get injured and when they do, just like humans, they need to visit a vet hospital or vet clinic.

Sometimes though, the trip to the veterinarian can simply just be for checkup purposes. For whatever reason your pet or animals have to visit a vet, you can rest assured that they will be well taken care of.

Abbotsford is a Canadian city that is located in British Columbia. It is part of the Lower Mainland of the province. It is also a city that is adjacent to the Fraser River, Greater Vancouver and the Canada-United States border.

Much like other British Columbia cities, Abbotsford attracts a huge number of tourists. It is home to people who appreciate a small-town feel and do not want the fast pace of urban cities.

Abbotsford’s economy; known as the Raspberry Capital of Canada is largely dependent on agriculture especially its fruit orchards and dairy farms. This is reflected in the fact that the city earns the highest amount of money per acre of agricultural land in the country. You can read more about the city of Abbotsford here.

As a resident of this city, you probably own a pet or even a dairy farm and you will need to occasionally have to get your pet or animals to a vet hospital or clinic for a checkup or whenever they are ill.

Differences Between a Vet Hospital and a Vet Clinic?


A vet hospital is a place or facility that is used for diagnosing as well as treating animals. Much like a human hospital, it has a waiting room. Different kinds of animals have separate waiting rooms. They are also “wards” where they can be kept overnight or for several days to recuperate if there is a need to do so.

Typically a vet hospital has diagnostic capabilities and can broadly care for animals. It can also offer several treatment options and perform surgical operations on them.

A pet or vet clinic is different from a vet hospital. Usually it does not have the extensive capabilities of a hospital rather, it offers simpler services. The clinic can diagnose as well as treat animals but they are not likely to have facilities for keeping them overnight or for several days. They will also usually send urine and blood samples to other labs. 

In some places or cases though, the distinction between the two is not as apparent anymore as sometimes a clinic can serve as a hospital and do what they do.

Who is a Veterinarian?

An important part of taking care of pets is not just about feeding and grooming them but ensuring their wellbeing and good health. Pet parents have to see that they are properly vaccinated and also treated when they are unwell.

A veterinarian, vet, or otherwise called a veterinary doctor is a doctor that sees to the wellbeing of animals. They help to prevent, diagnose, treat, or control diseases in them. These can be any type of animal and it does not matter whether they are wild or domestic. A lot of the time though, most vets typically treat domestic animals.

Veterinary doctors provide clinical care to animals. Their focus is to promote good health all through the phases of life from birth till old age and death. These doctors also work to prevent the transmission and spread of diseases from one animal to another and to humans as well. This they do in part by ensuring that animals that are used for food are safe and in good health.

The overall job of a vet is to ensure that these creatures are in good health physically, psychologically as well as behaviorally. You can learn more about veterinarians here

Types of Veterinary Doctors


Companion Veterinarian

The most common type of veterinary doctor is the companion veterinarians. These doctors generally work in private hospitals and clinics. They take care as well as treat pets such as dogs and cats mostly. They can also treat other kinds of pets like rabbits, ferrets and birds. 

Companion veterinarians are like physicians that work with humans. They can treat injuries and wounds, administer vaccines, diagnose sicknesses, prescribe medications and perform surgeries.

Veterinary Specialist

These are doctors that specialize in treating a particular group or set of animals and focus solely on treating such a species. For example, a poultry doctor takes care of poultry, a dog vet will only treat dogs while a cat vets’ specialty is cats.

It is not uncommon to see other vets referring their patients to these kinds of doctors when their expertise or specialty equipment is needed.

Food Safety and Inspection Veterinarian

A lot of people buy meat such as beef, chicken, pork, etc. but hardly think about how safe these meats are in terms of the health of the animal. Thanks to food safety and inspection vets; they help to ensure that animals meant for consumption are kept safe and healthy.

Some of these doctors’ primary concern is with dealing with animals on the farm and they may spend considerable time traveling. Others work with government institutions or the agriculture ministries to formulate and enforce regulations. They may inspect farms and livestock products for compliance and sanitation.

The third type of these doctors gets involved in testing and ascertaining the safety of medications and food additives.

Research Veterinarian

Research vets are devoted to research on how to improve animal care. These types of doctors are usually found working in government institutions, universities, or biomedical firms. Their job can range from reviewing past techniques and findings to see how diagnosis, treatment, medication and surgery can be better. Some are also involved in the development and testing of drugs as well as biomedical products.

If you are a resident of Abbotsford or its surrounding areas, you can visit to learn more about how to get care and treatment for your pet or animals.


Whether they are pets or meant for food, animals are an important part of our daily lives as humans. For an agricultural and dairy community such as Abbotsford, this is more so important. Animals here do not only serve as companions and provide food, they also provide income.

This means that taking good care of them is crucial for the wellbeing of the city as a whole. Therefore ensuring their well-being and that they are free from disease is essential. That is why veterinarians are crucial and indispensable in this city.