7 Misconceptions about Seeing a Chiropractor

If you suffer from chronic neck pains, headaches, or backaches, you’ve probably considered going to a chiropractor. This is not a surprise because a study showed that more than 35 million Americans visit the chiropractor annually. However, even with the statistics, you may still be feeling a little paranoid because of the misconceptions you’ve heard about seeing a chiropractor. 

This article will shed some light on these misconceptions, help you get the facts right, and give you the courage to get the help you need.

Here are the common myths about seeing a chiropractor.

1. After your First Appointment, You’ll Be Going Forever

This is because people don’t understand the difference between routine care and treatment.
Every case is unique, and your health condition determines the number of appointments you need. 

For example, if you’re an athlete and you get an injury, you only need to visit your chiropractor until your injury heals. After this, you have the liberty to discontinue your appointments or continue your visits for checkups. 

If you have chronic pain, your appointments may be lengthier because your chiropractor might recommend regular checkups for prevention purposes.

2. Chiropractic Care Isn’t Safe for Kids

Most people believe that chiropractic care is only for adults and elders, and this has led to research on the topic. 

The truth is, chiropractic is safe for infants and children, and it can even help reduce the chance of spinal cord problems in adulthood. 

If your child is active in sports and always gets injuries, it’s safe to take them to a chiropractor for pain relief. 

However, it’s important to consult with your child’s paediatrician before any adjustments.

3. Chiropractors aren’t Doctors

You probably feel unsafe because you think you’re having your joints pulled by a semi-illiterate individual. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Becoming a chiropractor needs a lot of commitment just like becoming a doctor. Chiropractors go to school for four years and study through a curriculum that includes a minimum of 4200 hours and go on to receive a doctorate after another 4 or 5 years. They must also pass the State and National Board Certification to receive their license.

Additionally, some chiropractors share classes such as physiology, anatomy, and pediatrics with medical students.

4. Chiropractor Services are Very Costly

This is another misconception that’s probably stopping you from getting the help you need.
It would help if you kept in mind that while a chiropractor may cost you a few bucks, a doctor is even more expensive. Long-term treatment will include surgery, intensive care, and medication – a chiropractor ensures you don’t get to this stage, saving you all these future costs.
Also, sometimes health insurance will cover care, which makes it very affordable. Other chiropractic clinics may have additional options if you talk to them. For example, one top chiropractor Jupiter Florida residents rate highly offers various discount packages.

5. Adjustments Hurt

If you’ve watched YouTube videos, you probably don’t dream of ever having a chiropractor’s appointment – all those popping and cracking sounds can be scary.
However, adjustments aren’t that painful. People describe it as ‘good pain.’ It’s like the kind of feeling you get when you crack your knuckles. You might also feel a little discomfort, and a bit sore like you would feel after a workout but it’s all worth it.
If it’s your first time, you’ll be shocked by the relief and sensation you feel after an adjustment.

6. A Chiropractor Only Treats Back Pain

This is another common misconception about chiropractic care. Back pain is just one of the primary pains that chiropractors treat.
However, chiropractic care goes deeper than that. It can help relieve your headache, fatigue, muscle pain, anxieties, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy-related discomfort and improve your immune system.
This is possible because spine adjustments influence your body’s wellness. The spinal cord is part of your nervous system, so it affects your whole body’s communication system when it’s not aligned.
Chiropractors are also trained to give nutritional advice, which improves your health in general.

7. You Don’t Need a Chiropractor, You Can Use over the Counter Medication

While over-the-top prescriptions can help relieve your pain, it’s only temporary. This is like avoiding servicing your car to save money and ending up replacing all your tires while all they needed was to be aligned.
If you’re having some constant backaches or headaches, there is a chance you have an underlying condition.
The earlier you get checked, the cheaper it will be to fix it.


Now that you’ve learned all the facts about the practice, you can go ahead and book an appointment. Don’t let these floating myths and misconceptions about chiropractic care stop you from getting the help you need.