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People have realized that being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit. The growing popularity of yoga globally confirms that yogic exercises keep one fit at the level of both, body and mind. Another widely accepted practice is meditation. By inculcating yoga and meditation in our daily regime, we can increase our resistance, improve health, and develop our mental abilities. Let us understand the essence of yoga and meditation by browsing through the informative articles in this center.


Weight loss with yoga

     Weight loss with yoga

Therapies to lose weight and advance your energy are available in yoga. They are color therapy, stress reduction, aroma therapy, cellulite treatments, breathing techniques, simple yoga poses, meditation technics.they also help in motivating your metabolism.
With the help of different asanas yoga reduces excess fat reducing obesity. Some asanas inspire exhausted glands for increase in hormonal secretions. As thyroid gland affects body metabolism, it has great influence on your weight. Shoulder stand and fish posture like asanas increase fat metabolism. They convert fat to muscle energy. This leads you to a better muscle tone and energy without loss of fats.

How yoga helps to lose the weight
Yoga exercises improve working of our lungs and breathing makes you fresh and active. So the inactivity or laziness caused by obesity is reduced in these cases. You never get strain after practicing yoga exercises. Many exercises involve part of spin, limb chest, and abdomen. So body gets activated with energy.
Oxygen intake into body cells including fat cells is increased when you perform yoga deep breath and these results in fat cells burning. Yoga reduces anxiety and it results into minimizing anxious eating. In tense mood we take our food without joy and containment. As a result we eat more. Yoga keeps us calm and cool.
Yoga helps in preventing eating between the meals. With charismas of yoga power if you are underweight, you will gain the weight. If you are overweight, you can reduce weight and if you have balanced weight, you can maintain it forever.
Specific spot reduction is not practiced in yoga. There are more than 70 postures in yoga, which help in weight loss. Back bends twisting positions, inversions, forward bends are popular moves for weight loss. Endocrine system of body greatly inspired with these moves.

Sun salutations, standing poses, camel pose, shoulder stand, bridge, tree pose, angle pose, triangle pose, hero pose I and II, locust pose, cobra pose, camel pose, aero plane pose, wind releasing pose, child pose (sitting), spinal twists (sitting & dynamic poses), cat pose dhanurasana, rabbit and plow poses are the exercises if done in an order inspire body metabolism on a large scale. However, they should be performed carefully and slowly. For overweight people these moves may be difficult.

You should practice healthy diet and regular lifestyle to get more and more benefits from yoga. Yoga diet is fiber rich and contains more vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Weight loss diet in yoga is low in fats, animal proteins and processed foods.
Avoid alcohols and unhealthy products while practicing yoga for fitness. Have a sense of positive self action and respect to be healthy mentally.

Yoga has gradual weight loss. It gives uniform toning of your body. It reduces your weight naturally. It has body cleansing methods as follows:

  • Kapalbhati (a breathing technique type)
  • Basti, (colon cleaning)
  • Baghi (tiger exercise)
  • Nasal cleaning
  • Kunjal kriya (for stomach wash and cleaning)
Yoga in a proper manner reduces your weight without any side effects. Experience it and have perfect body with natural beauty and best health.

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