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Today, due to advances in the development of medical technologies, there are several new medical tests that have been introduced. You may be advised to do a new test for the very same symptoms for which you had probably been advised other ones last year, only for the sake of more precision. Sometimes, you may find this confusing. This section helps in guiding you on various lab tests and treatment procedures. Click on to find out what these treatments and procedures are, for which diseases they are advised, and what they indicate. Now, get in-depth information about all the possible types of treatments, procedures, and tests.

What is the use of Trika 0.25 mg tablets?
(Speciality: Doctor)
Trika is a brand name for the generic drug alprazolam. This is a sedative and is therefore prescribed in the treatment of sleeplessness. It is not a medicine that can be purchased over the counter, and needs to be taken strictly under medical supervision.

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