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Discuss with your doctor before you start with any exercise regime to rule out any potential risks to your health from these exercises.
It is very essential to give a little time everyday to your feet so as to prevent health problems. Check your feet everyday for any cuts, sores, red spots, swelling or infected toenails.
Exercise regular to prevent loosening of muscles & induce anabolic mechanism which maintains health
Changing your lifestyle could be a solution to a number of health problems.
Do yoga every day as it will reduce your stress level and maintain you mental health
Women smokers are just as vulnerable to serious health problems like lung cancer or cardiovascular disease as their male counterparts
An excess of junk food can cause major health problems. Therefore, always try to stick to home-cooked meals.
Junk foods emphasize more on taste rather than nutrition. Hence, they are not very good for health and often give rise to problems.
Do not take any medicine without your doctor's prescription as it can be dangerous to your health.
The weight loss process should be a gradual one; or else, it could lead to ill health.
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I have a lot of pimples (while I shave they many a times get more painful and visible). My skin is also very dry plus have Ageing scars. My age is just 27 Yrs and going to get married in next 4-5 months. How I can get rid of them forever and prevent them. My weight is 94 Kgs (Obese) and Diet is not so good. Thanks in advance.
Oily skin, hormonal imbalance, cosmetics, climatic conditions, unhygienic habits are some factors ca ...
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Skin Alergy Last Posted Date : 09/07/2015
Try visiting a doctor if its more painful. Don't take it
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