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There is always a need to gratify your and your partner's sexual desires. Many a time, unsuccessful attempts to please your partner left you feeling frustrated and depressed. You failed to understand where the problem lay. This health center boldly speaks about sexual health topics, which have often confused you and aroused your curiosity to know the right answers.

i am 3 months pregnant,my husband want to sex, what to do?
(Speciality: Doctor)
It is necessary to speak to the concerned obstetrician about sexual intercourse during pregnancy. This is because there might be some health issues like weak pregnancy, past history of miscarriages, pregnancy which is conceived after a long time with special efforts, low lying placenta, premature delivery in the past, short cervix, etc. for which sex should be avoided and which are better known to the doctor after examination and investigations.Sex during the last few weeks should be avoided as it can induce preterm labour. Even if there is no contraindication, sexual intercourse may have to be avoided if symptoms (like vaginal bleeding/spotting, pain in the abdomen or leakage of amniotic fluid) occur. Few tips while making love during pregnancy are: • Sex should be very gentle as violent sex and deep penetration might harm the pregnancy • Avoid using any foreign objects, lubricating creams or gels during sex as this may cause allergic reactions and/or skin irritation • Sex in tubs, beds or couches that are not strong enough should be avoided • Wash your pelvic area thoroughly after you make love and wipe dry with a clean towel or tissue paper • Avoid using any lubricating creams or gels as these may irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions

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